Thursday, October 27, 2011

How To Burn Fat Fast - Using Behavioral Change by Frank Hurley

To become a fat burning machine and increase your fat loss, most people know, that you need to increase your metabolism by working out and adding lean muscle mass to your body. There will also be many other benefits that will allow you to live your life in a very healthy way. For this Fat Burning Machine guide we are going to look at how you can use intensity, volume and frequency and progression to lose weight and keep it off forever.

Most people that I see exercising at the fitness studio that are doing weight training or resistance training are using too much of their time with the exercise but not working hard enough. Using a low intensity workout you can only expect to burn a small amount of fat.

The key elements to train for lean muscle and strength is the proper application of three vital elements.

The secret I’ve found is that training for lean muscle and strength requires the proper application of three vital elements that are often overlooked by those who try it. These three elements are:

1. Intensity

2. Volume & Frequency

3. Progression

The intensity is how hard it is to perform for you, given your current physical condition.How much weight you use and how often you do the exercise is called volume and frequency. The progression is determined by how much the demands go up from workout to workout. You will turn into a fat burning machine with these 3 key elements. The Fat Burning Machine system will take you from beginning to lose weight to learning how to keep the weight off permanently.

It is essential that you keep the number of your weekly workouts in check and remember not to workout for too long.

Fat burning aerobic exercise and anaerobic exercise are completely different forms of exercise. In fact, they are complete opposites.

The definition of Aerobic exercise is high volume and frequency, low to moderate intensity, and not much progression. Anaerobic exercise, or weight training, must be performed at a high intensity, lower volume and lower frequency, and with progression to be as effective as possible. The one sure way to become a fat burning machine is through an anaerobic exercise.

You will not increase your strength or your muscle building more than a few short weeks if you are only performing weight training at a low or moderate intensity level.

There are a combination of two objectives and that is to use sufficient intensity along with an increase in the number of reps of a weight training exercise or the amount of weight used in each and every workout. These three steps will continue your bodies development into a fat burning machine!

You will want to maximize your workout and minimize the time you spend in the gym when your are creating an effective and efficient exercise routine and remember the other details. Why?The workout is perhaps not as important as the rest period that follows.You’re not going to get stronger or more muscular if you don’t have sufficient rest and adequate sleep.

When you strength train in the proper way you are creating small injuries to your muscles. You then need to let the body repair itself, and then the body will overcompensate and build upon the already existing amount of muscle mass you have.

If you workout again before that process is completed, you’ll experience lackluster results, if any, muscle building or fat burning results. Your muscles will be overworked to the point where they will not respond to your workout.

Typically you need a minimum of one to three full days of rest between well executed resistance workouts, so be sure you get this amount of rest.

Many people, especially women, think by adding muscle to your body to ensure that you will become a maximum fat burning machine that you will become bigger when they really want to just lose weight!”

But this is such a shame, because it’s very unlikely to happen, and countless women are losing out on these fat burning benefits because of it.

You see, most men and almost all women simply lack the necessary genetic traits required to produce such muscle gains that would cause them to look bulky or overly developed to most people. These traits include testosterone levels, muscle fiber makeup, muscle belly length, and others.

The bodybuilders that you see on TV and in the magazines are competing and are the genetic cream of the crop for muscle development and also they are usually on large doses of anabolic steroids, growth hormones and other bodybuilding drugs.

Don’t be fooled by these images, or those that scare you into thinking this way. Did you know that lean muscle takes up less space on your body and is more compact than fat, and because of this you will in actuality be getting smaller.

Whoever you are, if you want to be in the best position to succeed with you fat loss and also your fitness goals you will perform properly conducted intense resistance training.

But make sure you understand and apply the three critical Fat Burning Machine principles I discussed above.

Here they are again: Intensity, Volume and Frequency and Progression.

If you don't apply these three elements your ability to burn fat and get the lean, strong, and healthy body you deserve eventually will leave you unhappy with your results.