Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Fat Burning Furnace System - How to Burn Fat While You are Resting! by Frank Hurley

Do you ever say or hear other people say this!

”I just don’t have the time to get to the gym”, that is what you hear a million times from people who are trying to burn fat. Well that really shouldn’t be a problem once you understand how you can get an appropriate fat burning workout with basic or minimal equipment.

To excite the growth of lean muscle tissue, to speed up your metabolism and burn fat and also to provide cardiovascular conditioning, you need to perform a variety of exercises that work all of your major muscle groups in the same workout.

This workout is to stimulate the growth of lean muscle tissue which will speed up your metabolism. This is the heart of the Fat Burning Furnace System.

With this schedule you will get a great high intensity fat burning workout, like the students of my Fat Burning Furnace System. You have a selection in what equipment you use. If you are considering expensive equipment or a membership in a fitness center nearby, let me say that it is not really necessary.

For your Fat Burning Furnace System workout all that is required is a set of good old-fashioned barbells and/or dumbbells or less. It is as easy as choosing a good pair of adjustable dumbbells and a common weight bench to exercise your whole body completely. This is an essential component of my Fat Burning Furnace System

The adjustable dumbbells and a simple bench take up very little room in your home. They are always easily accessible and ready to use at a moments notice for those fat burning workouts.

It is very convenient to have your workout apparatus at home to use especially if you need to take care of your kids or have other responsibilities this way you do not have to miss a workout by having the need to travel to the fitness center.

The proper workout takes 15 to 20 minutes and when done at home it is very convenient and takes very little time from your busy schedule. Whether you train at the gym or at home the workout time is the same 15 to 20 minutes, but if you train at home, the time it takes to drive to the fitness studio could be spent doing something important at your home.

I highly recommend getting a basic setup at home for ease of use and to help you to keep on your regular routine with your weight loss. Working out at home is my routine and I personally recommend it as it has many advantages.

Working out at home means that there is no tiresome wait for your next machine. Not waiting is the key to receiving the peak cardiovascular benefits and at the same time building muscle and working out to burn fat.

This will keep your time between your exercises down to 60 seconds or less. You will lose the benefits from a sustained workout when you are at the gym and have to wait 5 or 10 minutes or even longer and your muscles have cooled down.

Home workouts are also great for you in that you might be a bit intimidated by working out with weights in public at the gym. If you feel this way, don’t be upset, you’re not alone. This is especially true for some of some women, as weight training is usually thought of as the guy’s territory in the fitness center.

Nothing could be further from the truth, but if you’d rather perform your fat burning workout at home, then that is an excellent option for you.

When people travel they miss their exercises. For busy people, this is a reality. You travel for your company. You go on vacation. You travel out of town to see friends and family.

The Fat Burning Furnace System workout recommends that you try your best to keep up your exercise routine while you are away from home or the fitness studio.

When your working the Fat Burning Furnace System you’re exercising 2 to 3 days a week, the question is what are you going to do if you’re out of town on the day you are scheduled to work out? There may be a gym in the neighborhood that you could go to.

You may wonder if there is a fitness gym, if there is how far away is it, is it expensive for a couple of workouts, etc.

Don’t be too concerned if you do not have any workout equipment because there are several fat burning exercises you can still do. Exercises like push-ups, chin-ups and sit-ups will give your muscles enough of a workout to keep them conditioned until you return home.

You’re using your body-weight as the resistance, rather than the dumbbells, barbells, or machines. If you work out while you are away from home you will be and stay in very good condition. Remember, if you are away from home you can still choose to have an excellent Fat Burning Furnace System workout.