Friday, December 9, 2011

Fish Oil for Cats – A Growing Movement by Laurel Cohen

You may have never heard anyone recommend fish oil for cats, but supplementing the diet of ones pets is a growing movement. It is now being advised that both cats and dogs can receive the same incredible benefits from increased levels of DHA and EPA omega 3 fatty acids as humans can. If human beings can possibly live a life completely free of the risk of developing inflammatory disease, why shouldn’t we want our “children” to enjoy the same freedom?

It has been widely noted that pet owners will go to what some people would judge to be extreme’s at times, in order to keep their pets healthy and happy. It is not unheard of for pet lovers to spend thousands of dollars on procedures to extend the lives of what they deem as members of their family. People that don’t have an affection for animals, will never know what a close bond can be formed with one.

These animals give there owners love and affection unselfishly, which is more than you can say about many of the humans you will meet in your life. If you can repay this love and attention back to them by taking every measure to ensure that they remain in the best possible health throughout their lives, then why not fish oil for cats and dogs. Supplementing their diet may even keep your furry companion around longer.

Pets are prone to the same inflammatory ailments that their owners are. Cardiovascular disease, diabetes, arthritis, allergies, immune system disorders, and certain types of hormone driven diseases like breast and prostate cancer are common in dog and cats that are getting up in age. All of these problems can either be prevented through supplementing their diets with omega 3 fatty acids, or treatment of the diseases can be made easier.

You might even be surprised to find out that fish oil for cats and dogs can benefit them (and you) as far as their behavior. Pets suffer from mood disorders just like human beings do, and increasing their levels of DHA and EPA omega fatty acids in the blood can help to reverse negative behavior. Supplementing your pet’s diet with fish oil can help him or her overcome depression, and aggressive behavior.

I am not saying that increasing the levels of omega 3 fatty acids in your pet’s blood is going to be a definite cure-all. Different breeds react differently to the increase in n-3s in their system, and each individual dog within a particular breed may respond better than others. Your pet will receive health benefits to some extent though, and even if it just helps a little, wouldn’t it be worth giving it a try?

Dietary omega 3 DHA fish oil for cats and dogs could make just enough difference in the life of a dog with failing health to make things just a little easier on him or her. We all want the absolute best for our furry companions, and fish oil for cats and dogs could give them that extra little something they need.