Friday, December 9, 2011

You Too Can Have Sexy Arms With Resistance Exercise by Frank Hurley

How to lose arm fat!

Are you ready to have slim and toned arms that look good in sleeveless tops like the woman in pink on the right side of this page. Click on the link in the About the Author box below.

If you have extra weight on your upper arms then you don't look forward to spring or summer because those 2 seasons are when you are wearing clothes that bare your arms and you are wearing bikini's. There are alternatives for you if you have fatty upper arms and here they are.

Three Ways to deal with your flabby arms

1. You could just say I have fatty arms and I don't really care and wear whatever you choose.

2. You also have the option of covering your arms up all summer long even if it means sweating and discomfort.

3. If you really want to look great and attractive you can use resistance exercise to tone and shape your upper arms.

How to get toned Upper Arms

There is no point in doing exercises for flabby arms if you have so much fat in that area that you are not going to be able to see the muscles you build. To tone your arms you will need to do 2 things. Decrease your body fat and exercise you upper arms.

Remember this, each and every day if your consumption of calories is less than before you will lose body fat. Here is 1 way to reduce your body fat. 3 days a week do at least 30 minutes of exercise.

With regular exercise and a sensible weight reduction diet you should be able to lose two to 3 pounds per week. Keep in mind that the more overweight you are the longer it will take you to get rid of your flabby arms.

Check your progress along the way as you drop pounds. As the weeks go by you will look better and better and this is a great incentive for you to continue to lose weight and tone up your arms.

Various Exercise Options

One sign of out of shape upper arms is that the triceps are not toned. To get your flabby arms in shape you need to workout the triceps. One set of 5 pound dumbbells is all you need to get your triceps in great shape. If you don't have dumbbells and money is tight then use two full gallons of milk. You can use the dumbbells or two gallons of milk for the following exercises.

An effective workout for you upper arms is kickbacks and extensions. You should plan to do three sets of 10 each exercises at 3 times per week. Another method, if you have a gym membership, or choose to join one, is to do your exercises there using the machines that will exercise your triceps.

If you add push-up's and chin ups you will speed up toning your arms. Swimming or using a rowing machine can also do a lot to tone up flabby arms.

Don’t expect Overnight Results

Look at reducing your flabby arms and the exercises as part of your daily routine and you will begin to see results in a few short weeks or less. However, do not expect to have toned looking arms overnight.

It may take from a few weeks up to a few months of sensible eating, aerobic exercises and resistance work on your triceps before you attain your goal. The flabbier your arms are the longer it is going to take to tone them up.

The secret is to not get discouraged just because you do not see instant results. If you are unrelenting and follow your everyday program you will accomplish your goal.

Set modest attainable goals and observe your advancement at each goal as you attain it.

On a regular time frame picture yourself with slim and toned arms with a sleeveless dress on going out on the town. Visualize yourself at the beach in a swimsuit and how you will feel being slim and trim with beautiful arms.

When you do your daily routine in a determined and positive manner you will be able to picture yourself like this.

"I have Great looking and shapely arms and I am proud of myself"