Friday, December 9, 2011

What Are Dental Implants? by Kathryn Dawson

Cosmetic dentistry is becoming increasingly popular in the UK. The prices are coming down and it no longer just the very rich who can afford to have dental implants and other cosmetic work done on their teeth. The advancement of procedures and technology in the industry too has meant that cosmetic dental work is safer and more effective than it ever has been before. Dental implants are an important aspect of cosmetic dentistry as they are an effective way to replace missing teeth. If you suffer from bad teeth or have any missing teeth that you would like replaced, then dental implants may be the best route to take. This article explores dental implants and what they can do for your smile.

A dental implant is a metallic root of a tooth that is inserted into the bone above the space where the tooth should be. It is left in the bone until it has completely fused and is secure enough to hold a fake or prosthetic tooth. The root is made of titanium which the body accepts and tolerates well. In order for the body to not reject the metal insertion, a medical procedure is carried out that involves cutting through the gum tissue, inserting the root into the bone and sewing the gum over or around the implant. It will be several months before the root will be strong enough to support a tooth.

If this is something you are interested in doing, you should first talk to your regular dentist to see if you are a suitable candidate. Although they may not be able to carry out the work themselves, they may be able to recommend an oral surgeon or prosthodontist who can. Otherwise you should talk to your friends, family and work colleagues to see if they have had similar work done and can recommend a good practice to visit. Because of the relative complexity of the treatment and the regular check ups and appointments that need carrying out, the price can range from Ј800 up to several thousand per tooth. However, it is considered to be a permanent solution and can dramatically improve your smile. There will be regular check ups needed into the future and occasionally a root may need replacing. Be prepared for possible future treatment and the expenses associated with this.

Not everybody is suitable for dental implants, and the first step should be discussing it with your regular dentist. Those with diabetes may not be suitable for example, neither are people with weakened of worn away bone. Smokers in particular have missing bone in their jaws which means there is no space to insert the root of the tooth. There is a procedure called a bone graft however, although this adds further cost and further treatment to the patient. It is generally a safe procedure and there are few risks associated with it. Occasionally the body can reject the implant - in this instance the procedure can be tried again, or sometimes just chalked up as a failure. Anyone going into this should be aware of this, and be prepared for it not to work. There are no reimbursements if this happens either.

Dental implants can drastically improve the look of a person's teeth. Dental implants in the UK are becoming more and more popular as a way of gaining a better smile. Although cosmetic dentistry in London and the rest of the country has always been available, the high costs have often deterred the majority of people. With lower costs today, procedures such as dental implants are becoming ever more popular and more commonly seen as a permanent solution to poor teeth.