Friday, December 9, 2011

Weight Loss Affirmations Equals Success by Greg Frost

In order to accomplish anything, one must believe that the power to achieve the goal lies within them. This is how weight loss affirmations equals success. To affirm something such as a goal is to believe that it exists and it is possible. Let's stop a moment to look at the phrase 'weight loss affirmation equals success'. In the western world reading is done from left to right across the page while in other parts of the world, reading is done from right to left. Looking at this phrase in reverse order can change the mental picture greatly. Success equals affirming loss of weight.

We have all been taught that affirmations must be reasonable, but have you ever stopped to think about what exactly does 'reasonable' means? It's not like a one-size-fits-all garment. Your affirmation must fit you and nobody else because you are the one who has to believe it. If we don't believe in something, we are not likely to accept it. For example, if you don't believe the glass is half full, you won't accept that concept.

In the case of weight loss, the affirmation itself serves to heighten the determination to accomplish the goal. This increases the ability and desire to change the way we think about our weight and our outward appearance in general. This will then spur us on toward the successful completion of the path leading towards the goal.

The purpose of the affirmation is to encourage the mind which in turn will direct the body to follow the mindset toward the goal. The affirmation must be in the present tense because this is the 'now' of our existence. In creating a weight affirmation, words associated with eating or hunger must not be used. The reason for this is because if you say to yourself 'I am not hungry' the mind immediately focuses on the word hungry and can easily erase 'not ' from the thought.

Many weight loss experts advise one to keep a count of the negative weight loss thoughts which pop into your mind during the day. A very simple method to do this is to simply make a mark on a writing surface and cross them off in groups of five. Doing this exercise serves two purposes. First of all, it makes you aware of how many negative weight related thoughts have cross your mind. Secondly, it tends to brainwash the subconscious mind, making change more acceptable.

Another method for weight loss affirmation is to write down one or two very positive, very short affirmations so that you can voice them as often as possible during the day. Even if you don't voice them audibly, by repeating it silently, it will cause the mind to focus upon them. The main purpose of doing this is to cut into the resistance factor of the subconscious and thereby change the thought pattern. Along with words associated with eating and hunger, another word to avoid using is 'diet'.

Just the mere thought of 'diet' is a negative concept since it focuses on lack and depriving the body of food which can also be perceived as punishment. If the affirmation is positive, reasonable, believable and acceptable, the results will equal weight loss. Weight Loss affirmations can actually be achieved!