Friday, December 9, 2011

Healthy Weight Loss - Forget about Low - Fat and 'Lite' Snacks by John Anthony Vine

The massive diet and weight loss industry is not going to thank me for this piece of advice.

Those snacks on the supermarket shelves which are labelled 'lite' or 'lower in calories' will not really help your weight loss efforts.

One of the reasons is that there is no proper legal definition for their marketing terms.

Low-fat, 'reduced-calorie' and other such terms have little real meaning. These products might well have slightly fewer calories than similar 'ordinary' ones, but the difference is not such as to make a real difference.

To make things worse, research has shown us that when we eat foods which we believe to be less fattening, we do tend to eat more of them anyway.

These 'lite' versions of popular foods almost always have an inferior flavour and sometimes cost more as well!

A great rule I have tried to stick to is called the 80/20 rule. For four snacks out of five, eat naturally low calorie food, such as fruit, vegetables and popcorn. You could also try cottage cheese on wholegrain crackers or salad in wholemeal pitta bread. There are many books offering plenty of similar ideas.

For the one in five, treat yourself to one of your 'ordinary' favourites.

Eating fruit instead of a bought slimming snack can also go a long way towards your 'five a day'.

Use a little imagination and you can walk past the slimmers shelves in the supermarket. Eat things you can really enjoy and still continue on your way to healthy weight loss.

Be always on the look out for ideas to encourage you on you way to the weight loss you really want.

The supermarkets do not really want to help you to lose weight.

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