Friday, December 9, 2011

Healthy Weight Loss - Do Not Forget About the Calories You Drink by John Anthony vine

While reducing the number of calories you eat can really help your weight loss efforts, it is too easy to ignore those calories you drink every day.

Be aware of exactly when you might sabotage your diet with what you drink.

We all know that fresh fruit juice is very good for you and can count as part of your 'five a day'.

What many of us do not realise is that these glasses of healthy drinks also contain calories. This can sometimes amount to up to 100 calories per glass!

It is suggested that you limit yourself to one glass of fruit juice a day. You could also mix it half and half with water.

Do you really need two spoons of sugar in every cup of tea or coffee? A great way to avoid these extra calories is to slowly reduce the amount of sugar (or sweetener) and grow to like the taste of your beverage. I did this over a number of weeks and was very surprised how I not only did not need the sugar, but eventually found it far too sickly. I did find though, that I needed about a quarter of a spoon of sugar in strong coffee for a few months before completely cutting it out.

The really unnecessary calories are those in fizzy soda drinks. Once again, it might be a good idea to gradually replace them, with still or carbonated water. This is a double whammy, because the dentist will confirm that your teeth will also benefit from not being constantly washed in sugary water.

When each of these changes is a regular part of your habits, your whole system will feel the benefit.

Being aware of these 'rogue' calories entering your body is the first step to making healthy changes to what you eat and drink.

When deciding how to make improvements to your healthy diet, be on the look out for little tips and ideas [out] which have helped others to achieve what you want to do.

Treating your body better will reward you over and over again.

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