Thursday, October 20, 2011

Ab Doer Twist Reviews - Does the Abdoer Twist Really Work? by Fitness World Center

In these days we are all being exposed to lots of Tv commercials trying to sell us this new small and cool fitness machine called Ab Doer Twist that is supposed to help us in our workouts, without any further explanation of how that is done. In those terms, there's no wonder thousands of people keep searching and googling for information about it before they risk their money.

In these short lines we'll try to cover the Abdoer Twist in it's major aspects to give you a detailed review of this fitness machine before you decide if it is going to be the next exercise machine in your home.

Let's start with "number one" fact: the Abdoer Twist is not magic. It wont do ANYTHING for you if you are not willing to do that. I mean, we have to face it, there is no fitness machine in the world yet that can workout for you. So, if you were expecting us to tell you "yeah, just buy it, buy it and leave it aside in your living room and you'll see the wonders it makes!"… well…. not. Don't buy it if you are one of those. It wont do any wonders for you, that's for sure.

But, and this one piece of "But", if you already know that for any workout you start there is at least more than a 50% of work that has to come from YOU, this could be a very cool add-on for your fitness accessories.

It is a really easy to use machine. You can practically start using it minutes after you receive it making the most of a very light workout for your whole upper body (and off course, your abs, specially) using every minute of it as truly powerful fitness time.

And one of the best parts of it: the Abdoer Twist is actually very small and compact so if can fit in any space while being used, without consuming room, and it can fit ANY space while not being in use what is, let's face it, what we all care when it comes to get a new fitness machine to be used at home or at the office in our free time.