Thursday, October 20, 2011

Exercise: Get Up And Just Do It ! by Robert D. Franklin

Getting up and exercising doesn’t have to be that hard, but people make it out to be the darndest thing in the world! I woke up the other morning and thought to myself, “I’ll just snooze for a little bit longer and go to the gym later to make up for it.” Then, that evening I felt even more guilty that I didn’t exercise on yet another day.

We can always give the right excuses to ourselves as to why we’ll put off exercising. For example, “The house is a mess, so I need to clean up first before anything else. There’s no way I can stop for exercising now.”

It’s pretty obvious that exercise is simple to take on, which may be one of the biggest reasons that we DON’T do it….we think it’s too easy to do that we put it off. Well, truthfully, it’s more easy to not exercise. You’re not alone, believe me. In just the past year, I had to rethink this whole exercise ideal to make me remember to exercise 30 to 60 minutes a day. With the following few tidbits, I am sure they would help your situation as well:

1. Post Up Your Goals – Post them up in every room you’re in as reminders everyday that you’re headed to a more fit body. Make a chart, make a checklist, whatever you use, make sure it spurs you on to being accountable to yourself and to “get on the ball” with your fitness plan. Yes, you can ignore these and keep going along with your day, but when you see the blank spaces staring back at you at the end of each day or at the beginning, it starts getting hard on your brain and begins enhance your commitment to exercising.

2. Keep a Friend in Mind - When you commit to another person or two that you’re on a fitness track, they can help you tremendously to keep on the track. You see, you can let yourself down, but I can’t (and won’t) let down my friend who knows what I’m doing. So, pick up the phone, email someone, to let them know your plans. They’ll be there to help boost forward.

3. Commit to 21 days- You’re probably asking why 21 days, right? Study after study has shown that it takes a mere 21 days to create a new habit… for anything. So, that would include exercise as well. You’ve got to control your thoughts and train your mind to the direction you want to head in. If you have it in your heart and mind to lose 20 pounds, by golly, you owe it your body and over all health to take action to do it. Just get up one morning, write out your action plan and COMMIT to doing it. Just 21 days is all you need to keep you shooting forward. You can do it. I know you can and you will.

If you believe this helped you in some way or another, I would encourage you to get on to get more helpful information, free videos, and fitness routines that can spur you on tremendously. Live well, train hard, get better.