Thursday, October 20, 2011

Chakra Groups by Liz McCaughey

The appearance and size of the chakras, to the clairvoyant, will vary as the size and brightness will depend on how spiritually developed the person, who is being viewed, is on their evolutionary path.

The chakras can be divided into 3-groups simply called - Lower, middle, higher. To detail that further, the lower refers to the psychological and emotional, the middle refers to the general personality and then the higher to the spiritual development.

The lower chakras, which are the basic and sacral have few petals and are really mainly concerned with receiving into the body all aspects relevant to the physical. What could be more physical than the energy from the earth (also known as serpent fire) and the lower chakras draw on the energy of the earth for their sustenance.

The higher levels work with the glands of the pituitary and pineal and only come into action when a certain amount of spiritual development has taken place.

The middle are the ones that are most problematic with the human. They are the ones that reach man through his personality, which means the way he lives his life. These are the ones that operate with the lower astral (emotions) and the higher astral which permeates the lower mental (thoughts) and which are occasionally touched and blessed by the higher mental.

There is no suggestion here of morality, it is just the facts of the issue. The chakras have certain parameters which they are able to experience, just as we have our capabilities in life. We cannot sit an exam that we have not studied for, nor can we compete in a triathlon that we have not trained for. So it is with the chakras. They can achieve anything and everything we train them for, but we have to do the work required.