Thursday, October 20, 2011

Contrave - New Diet Pill - Prescription from the Future by Ike Ani

In response towards the ever growing obesity issue in many developed nations the pharmaceutical organization Orexigen has developed what they call Contrave. Contrave is truly a drug being studied for its ability for its patients to lose body fat and not only just lose fat, but in quit substantial amounts with seemingly low side effects. Orexigen is expecting to submit this body fat reduction medication towards the FDA by the end of April 2010 from where they will probably need to wait upwards of 10 months to have a decision made on whether it is approved or not.

Currently on the pharmaceutical market there are limited choices for fat loss medication. One of the accepted ones is phentermine and also the other is Sibutramine. But these two medications although approved in the US, have come under fire in numerous countries of Europe and have either been pulled or never been allowed to be prescribed there. Yet the demand for such treatments is becoming increasing greater as society is getting heavier and education on health related diseases is growing. In response to this, not to mention if accepted a potential blockbuster seller, Orexigen has created Contrave.

Contrave is really a combination of two existing already approved medications but utilized for various ailments. Among the two is Naltrexone, that is prescribed mainly for alcohol and illegal drug use.

The other is Bupropion, that's used as either an aid in stopping smoking or even used as an atypical anti-depressant. But what has been discovered is that when these two are united in a particular formula they together produce a superb fat loss effect of which Orexigen has been now studying and putting individuals via tests for numerous years with promising outcomes.

The results have been excellent enough that Contrave has recently just finished up its phase three testing, that is the biggest and most exhaustive of medication testing. All together with all testing included, Contrave has had clinical investigations with over 4500 patients and on average individuals where losing of upwards of 15%. This amount represents a passing mark based on the fat loss properties alone with the FDA, nevertheless other factors for example side effects must be approved to become acceptable for the public prior to this product would ever be accepted. If this drug is accepted, it would most likely only be obtainable via a prescription and would be no sooner than 2011.