Thursday, October 20, 2011

Information You Need About Alcohol Treatment Centers by Rudy Silva

Alcohol treatment centers exclusively for women are no longer hard to find these days. With more people addicted to alcohol, experts also saw the need for addiction treatment program. This also paves the way for the proliferation of alcohol treatment centers.

Contrary to the past where alcoholism was prevalent among men, women of today are now facing the same problem. This is because alcohol is readily available and is among the most commonly used beverage accepted in our society today.

Let’s face it; alcoholism is indeed a problem that cannot be solved overnight. It is also important to deal with the fact that it has affected people regardless of age, social status and gender. This is why more and more women are also now struggling with this problem.

The good thing is, women who struggling with alcoholism can enter alcohol treatment centers exclusively for them. It is in these treatment centers where they can get addiction treatment programs that are specific and focused on their needs.

Hence, it is really important to choose the right treatment centers to ensure getting the expected result. It would help a lot to choose one that also works toward furthering society’s understanding of prevention, addiction and the healing of alcoholism, and substance abuse especially among women.

Women struggling with alcoholism can have the right addiction treatment program only if they go to the right treatment centers that truly address their needs. Here are some of the alcohol treatment centers exclusively for women:

Aurora Centre – It has been providing addiction treatment services for women for over 30 years. It is located at women’s hospital and health care center in Vancouver, Canada.

Aventa – It is an outpatient and residential base treatment exclusively for women struggling with addictions for gambling, drug, and alcohol. It is located in Calgary, Alberta in Canada.

Tuliffiny – specializing in recovery management for young women with alcohol addiction, it is staffed by well experienced people, the majority of whom have also once struggle with either behavioral or addiction problems. Its program for recovery management instills habits of health and wellness for young women.

Serenity Life Counseling – It caters to both day and evening outpatient treatment programs. It treats the person as a whole using the following approach: vocational and individual counseling and therapy, psychological testing, group sessions, acupuncture and more. It is located in the city of Anaheim.

There are other treatment centers that use nature to provide a sanctuary for transformation. These are only a few of a seemingly endless list of treatment centers for women struggling with alcoholism and other substance abuse. In order to get the right addition treatment program, you need to choose only the best among the many centers.