Thursday, October 20, 2011

Anxiety Physical Symptoms And Easy Following Tips That Cure The Condition by Melissa Jessie

Anxiety shows up on the person suffering from it. There are a number of symptoms of anxiety but the most prominent ones are the anxiety physical symptoms. These symptoms are grouped below for further understanding:

The following anxiety physical symptoms should be read carefully because they are the symptoms of anxiety disorders.

Anxiety attacks usually begin with the following symptoms:

1. Loss of control

2. Emotion of dread and coming doom

3. Increased perspiration

4. Chills or hot flushes

5. Tension

6. Shivering

7. Light-headedness and dizziness.

And then, anxiety attacks may row to involve:

1. Increased heart rate and palpitations of the heart

2. Shortness of breath

3. Choking feeling and difficulty in swallowing

4. Chest pains or intense discomfort

5. Stomach ache

6. Nausea and vomiting

One of the reasons a person may develop a panic disorder is the overwhelming fear of more attacks. If a person has had one panic attack, they are likely to have more. It's this fear of having them that keeps a person from living their life. They start to avoid certain places and circumstances that may have caused the attacks to occur initially or where they think another attack will take place. Sufferers can often develop phobias.

Now, it must be stated that panic attacks are different from other forms of anxiety. Why? They come on suddenly and with no warning. A person doesn't even need to be provoked and they may be rendered disabled by it.

Don't Give in to the lies and lose hope

Many people do not do anything about their anxiety attacks because they believe that nothing can be done. Do you really want to suffer from the physical symptoms of anxiety for the rest of your life? I know i sure didn't. If you want to cure your anxiety you can not lose hope. If you hold on to hope you will be cured in a matter of days. Yes, you read that right. I said days. Not months or years. If you know the correct way to get rid of anxiety you can do it sooner than you think.

Another good answer to stress anxiety is called thought stoppage. The minute you feel an anxiety attack starting, you say to yourself “STOP! This is not good for me. I do not want to feel this way and I will go in a different direction”

If you want to overcome anxiety physical symptoms, then relaxation, breathing techniques, and mind-over-matter can keep these symptoms at bay.