Sunday, December 11, 2011

Believing in UV Sterilization by Douglas Reynolds

Ultraviolet sterilization is great for some, but not all. Each home has different needs. You can have chlorinated water and still have the need for uv sterilization. Microorganisms are the cause of many diseases. Bacteria, fungi, and green algae – all things we can’t see – put your water supply at risk and amplify the need for sterilization.

Ultraviolet light water treatment isn’t new to fighting microorganisms, but too few people take advantage of the technology. Microorganisms - potential disease-producers - are the main concern. These are of five types: (1) bacteria, (2) protozoa, (3) worms, (4) viruses, and (5) fungi. The presence of these organisms in various strains can lead to such infectious diseases as These three fevers, typhoid, undulant, tularemia, plus dysentery, cholera, jaundice, hepatitis, as well as other diseases which spread through drinking unsafe water.

Uv sterilization is one of the very best tools for taking control of the situation. If you are buying bottled water, that’s probably a good sign that your home could benefit from UV water treatment. Treating your whole house water system has an extra benefit by keep the plumbing clear of problem pathogens by passing a high energy ultraviolet light through the water, sterilizing it all the way. With these organisms destroyed you will have pure drinking water.

One of the keys to all water purity is the careful maintenance of our water supply. The use of a good pre-filter is a must and changing it regularly is a must. This alone won't complete the task of water purification, but it is the first step in ensuring drinkable water. The final and I believe one of the most important if not the most important step of all Uv sterilization. Those that are using this system speak out very enthusiastically about purity of the water they use. For more information visit me at