Sunday, December 11, 2011

Pharmaceutical Sales: Florida Jobs by Silas Reed

Florida pharmaceutical sales jobs can be found out from the websites that advertise their vacant positions. Pharmaceutical sales jobs can be general like the employees contacting customers at a certain locality as well as specialized like workers contacting customers from only one genre of profession- only the physicians, or the urologists or the pediatricians etc, or contacting the nursing homes, or the hospital pharmacies etc. Specialization could be spread to the kind of product they sell; some could specialize according to the drugs they sell.

Florida pharmaceutical sales employment is available all over the state like in- Miami, Lakeland, Jacksonville, Tallahassee, Tampa, Orlando, Ocala, Sarasota etc.

The qualifications requires for a Florida pharmaceutical sales work is minimum of a 4 year BA or BS degree. Along with this the years of previous experience asked for can vary. Like some companies in Fort Lauderdale ask for 2-10 years of experience in the field of sales but it need not be absolutely in the pharmaceutical lines. Some companies in Miami, Orlando etc asks for 4 year bachelor’s degree but no experience is required to be shown but having experience prior to this application could be appreciated.

Other companies like one in Jacksonville would look for a 4 years graduate and would give extra credit to the qualification of MBA along with it or would want a minimum of 5 years of experience in biotech or pharmaceutical sales with an emphasis on products that are in form of injections. Neurology, MS, CNS and other biologics market experience is also solicited.

Other than these computer programming skills, skills of presentation and socialization, driver’s license etc can be demanded too.

Companies in Florida offering employment in pharmaceutical sales include some general responsibilities. They are listed below:

They are allotted a certain area of work or a territory and given per day goals or a monthly goal that they need to reach.

They are expected to be committed to meet the daily goals by reaching out to new customers as well as by keeping proper relations with the pre-existing customers.

Social skills for maintaining customer relationships and making a few adjustments with the customer demands are expected.

They are required to give demonstrations of the products and presentations regarding its benefits and vitality.

All companies like one in Orlando, Florida expect a professional and ethical approach on the part of their employees. Along with this they want their employees to have very good knowledge about the products that they intend to sell so that they could promptly answer the questions asked by the potential customers.

The basic pay varies from company to company. Like one in Fort Lauderdale offers $45K- $65K a year, others like those in Orlando offer $40K- $90K per year. The commission can range from $15K- $30K/ year.

Common benefits available are: Compensation, Relocation costs, company car, health and other insurance, additional training, company paid vacations etc. Overall, all of it depends on the efficiency and quality of the employee’s work.