Sunday, December 11, 2011

Best Diet To Lose Weight - Is Not To Diet At All by Angelina Jewels

Sound fantastic doesn't it the best diet to lose weight where you don't actually diet. But believe it or not that is the best approach. You don't have to eat less food you just need to have a new approach to eating and re allocation an prioritising of your foods but I am afraid those 20 donuts a week will have to go!

So what do have to do if this really is the best diet to lose weight? First things first you have to comes to terms with the fact that sugar is your number one enemy and sugar helps store body fat. The problem is we all recognise sugar in such products as deep rich chocolate fudge cakes and those lovely donuts and those are very easy to stop. However there are what you might consider healthy products that you think are doing you good but turn to sugar once consumed into your body,

These are the products where a reallocation of what you eat needs to take place. Unbelievably the products we are talking about are wheat and dairy products and probably the number one misconception orange juice. So were talking all breads, pastas and cereals along with yogurts, cream and cheeses. All of these products store body fat.

The reason this is the best diet to lose weight is you are going to change your metabolism by changing your foods that actually burn fat not store fat. These foods include meat, poultry and especially fish. They also include fresh vegetables, fruit and eggs and rice. Also you can have rice breads but I would suggest you don't go into those for the first two weeks of the change over to your new eating regime.

One other obvious change which would make a huge difference on its own is change your drinks you have with your meals from sugar drinks or Orange Juice to Water with ideally with lemon in it. Lemon is one of the best detoxifiers you can get probably the best and it also replaces the vitamin C you lose from not having orange juice.

Obviously as all individuals come in different shapes and sizes the only difficult part is getting the right program to make sure you are eating sufficient quantities for your body and that the diet is balanced. This really is the best diet to lose weight and if you need to do something positive now is the time to do it.