Sunday, December 11, 2011

Need Details About The Laser Hair Removal New Jersey? by Rudy Silva

If you are living in New Jersey and you want to get rid of body hair, try the laser hair removal New Jersey. There are processes for hair removal for both men and women. You will definitely benefit from the facial hair removal.

The facial hair removal includes the hair on the chin, on the jaw bone and on the upper lip. Some women have tiny and thin hair growing on their upper lip like a mustache. When it comes to men, there are programs for hair removal for men.

The areas from which the laser can be used to remove hair include the underarm, chest, legs and bosom. Lasers, for medical use, were thoroughly researched and developed for many years before they are made available for commercial use.

Researchers behind the study of laser are experts in exacting the laser parameters because they have studied the anatomy of the hair follicle. Thus, they can appropriately match the laser light and pulse duration to the size of the follicle, location and depth of the follicle to prevent the re-growth of the hair.

In laser hair removal new jersey, it is important to know that the person handling the laser should be a laser specialist, trained specially for using a laser. The handler could also be a doctor, who knows how to and where to distribute the light of a long pulse laser throughout the skin.

The laser disables the hairs that are actively growing at the time of treatment. Because there are hairs that start to grow at different times and pace, several laser treatments are necessary to ensure that all follicles are disabled.

In laser hair removal new jersey, both men and women can have their hairs removed from hands, toes, bikini lines, thighs, face, neck, arms and breast. The laser is very effective when used on dark coarse and pale skin.

The US Food and Drug Administration approved the claim of laser treatment to be permanent. However, it does not yield the same results from everyone. This means that you should not expect laser hair removal to eliminate every strand of hair from your body.

At least for 4 to 6 weeks before the first day of laser treatment, you should not have any body waxing or hair removal. These steps should continue during the treatment and even after the treatment.

In order for the laser to efficiently target the hair follicles, the area that needs treatment should be thoroughly shaved at least 1 to 3 days before treatment. If you are removing the hair from your underarm, an interval of 1 hour is enough before the second treatment begins.

The treatment for the underarm lasts about 10 minutes. Applying aloe vera on the treated area will help soothe the skin. Expect that all treated hair should shed within 4 weeks. After the shedding, you will have a hair free period for a few weeks, after which, the next set of hair that was dormant during the first treatment will emerge. You can have another laser hair removal New Jersey to remove the new hairs.