Sunday, December 11, 2011

How To Get Ripped Abs by Darren Firth

How to get ripped abs and look great with your top of or in a bikini isn't going to happen overnight, but to target and transform your abs I have devised a pick and choose style workout routine that lets you decide how you want to train your abdominal muscles and get those ripped abs and flat stomach you are aiming for.

Before we go on a little further a quick note about body fat and weight loss, to see your abs you must have a very small amount of fat on your midsection, so to lose weight is a must if you are going to see your abs get ripped.

Using a series of 18 exercises, you can create a workout routine that allows you to design 3000 possible ab routines.

The best thing about this is that your abdominal muscles never get board and plateau out, so there is an endless stream of results and no flat spots.

My mix and match abs workout focuses on all four regions of your midsection, the upper abs the lower abs the oblique's and the core muscles this includes the lower back as well.

However or whatever of the 3000 workouts you are going to end up creating, you will start by hitting your entire rectus abdominals, which connects from the bottom of your ribs down to your pelvis, from top to bottom, this tends to hit the lower portion of the abs more than the upper abdominals.

In your workout you will incorporate your oblique's, which will speed up the growth process to getting those ripped abs for the upper and lower sections, but these exercises also help build functional strength for sports that involve throwing, swinging anything that involves twisting or sharp turns.

To complete the workout you will involve some core exercises, this will help protect your lower back and make it easier to keep good form while performing exercises, theses also keeps your posture good and makes you look like you have a flat stomach.

Now onto getting started with the chart I have put at the end of this article, put together your own workout routine.

Take any of the two exercises for, the first here categories then one form the core exercises section.

Try to perform each exercise for 50-60 seconds if this is to hard just perform the exercise as long as you can, the slower you do the abs workout the better the results.

Do not repeat the same workout in the same week, in fact with all the different combinations you could do it should be a good couple of weeks before you go back to the same one again

Here is an example abdominal workout.

Category 1. Exercise 1. Reverse flat bench crunch exercise 2.Hanging leg raises.

Category 2. Exercise 1. Weighted DB crunch. Exercise 2. Kneeling crunch cable.

Category 3. Exercise 1. Oblique crunch (on floor) Exercise 2. Twisting leg raises.

Category 3. Exercise 1. Side Plank.

Here is the list of abs exercises and categories use these and you won't have to ask the question how to get ripped abs.

Category 1 Lower abs

1. Reverse flat bench crunch

2. Hanging leg raise

3. Dumbbell V-up

4. Physioball leg raise

5. Scissor kick

Category 2 Upper abs

1. Weighted DB crunch (Floor)

2. Reaching crunch (stability ball)

3. Kneeling cable crunch

4. Physioball cable crunch

5. Weighted crunch

Category 3 oblique's

1. Oblique crunch (floor)

2. Reaching crossover crunch

3. Twist leg raises (on chair)

4. Lying twist with medicine ball

5. Oblique twist with medicine ball.

Category 4 Core muscles

1. Plank (on elbows)

2. Side plank (with dumbbells)

3. Bird dog (including standard and more intense plank version)