Sunday, December 11, 2011

Best Ways To Lose Weight by Angelina Jewels

With so much information out there it's so hard to get good advice about diets that will really work and help you. However if you realise sugar is your number one enemy then I can give you some real stay beautiful tips that will last forever.

For those of you who don't know my story basically I was fat and ignored the love of my life's demands for me to do something about my life and he left me for a new model and this is when I decided to take action and control my life. Now if I had done something about it before maybe I would still be with my then love of my life but I am a very positive person and love my life now. However I mention my story just in case you're at that place I was at and what to do something about it before it's too late.

Having said all of that you now want a diet that real work a fast fat burning diet that not only helps you lose weight but keeps the weight off. Whets the point in making substantial gains only to have them eroded as the weight goes back on.

Good fat burning diets should include the following

Wheat and Dairy Free - As far as wheat's were talking about Pasta, Cereals and Breads. As for Dairy products were talking Cheeses yogurts and all Milk products. Unbelievably butter and eggs are ok and don't stop your body burning the fat.

Some other stay beautiful tips include putting lemon in your water or at least one freshly squeezed lemon a day with hot water or in tea. Another tip is to eat all your fruit before 4 PM in the afternoon with breakfast or lunch and stick to vegetables in the evening.

Finally don't eat any grains i.e. rice based product along with the wheat products mentioned above and do this for two weeks and you will see a difference straight away.

Hopefully you found these stay beautiful tips for dieting useful.