Sunday, February 19, 2012

Agranulocytosis: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment by James S Pendergraft

Agranulocytosis is a disease which is similar to skin cancer. That disease may be broadly divided into 2 categories: hereditary and acquired disease. It involves a reduction of the white blood cells in the body. This condition is known by the name of leucopenia. This disease is quite dangerous and can make the immune system totally flawed. It's because it is characterized by a fall in a certain kind of white blood platelets. So, people can develop various kinds of infections. The name of the disease consists of the words granulocyte which refers to cells and osis which refers to a sickness.

So, when this word agranulocytosis is prefixed with an "a", it means a lack of specific cells. But, this disease does not imply a complete lack of white blood cells. The diagnosis of this ailment is made after a blood test. The blood test includes the counting of the neutrophil in it. If the number of such neutrophil is less than 500, then it implies an existence of this ailment. The reduced number of neutrophils makes patients extremely vulnerable to infection. Only these specific blood platelets are counted. Other kinds of tests can be used for diagnosing the presence of this disease. Such tests include a bone marrow examination. This is done for checking up the bone marrow for finding about the level of underdeveloped promyelocytes. Apart from neutrophils, lack of other kinds of immunity supporting white blood cells can also cause ailments.

Such white blood cells are basophils and eosinophils. But these kinds of agranulocytosis are quite rare. The most common one just involves lack of neutrophils. A person who has this disease can suffer from some minor ailments due to decreased immunity. Such ailments include sore throat and fevers. This disease can also evolve rapidly leading to further infections. Such infections include urinary tract infection and pneumonia. Also many kinds of drugs, when consumed, can cause this disease. Sometimes no symptoms may be present although a person suffers from this ailment. It may be hard to find the right diagnosis for a patient suffering from that disease.

A person however may suffer from fever which indicates towards this disease. It's also better to look at the level of blood counts for a rapid diagnosis. This ailment can be cured through the penicillin drug. If the patient still gets no improvement then general antibiotics are administered to the patient. Even an antifungal agent is provided to the patient. Sometimes, the patients are also provided granulocytes however these cells can't survive in the body for more than 10 days. So, the patient can't be cured forever. This kind of transfusion procedure is quite tough too.

If agranulocytosis is untreated, the risk of dying from that disease is high. If you have any symptoms of agranulocytosis , make an appointment with your doctor. Your doctor should be able to tell you if your symptoms are caused by agranulocytosis.

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