Sunday, February 19, 2012

Using Mind Power To Lose Weight With Self Hypnosis by Sherri Frost

Self hypnosis for weight loss is all in your mind. You can talk yourself into or out of something with your mind. You can imagine things are happening when they aren't. You might also think they aren't happening when they are.

Did you ever think someone was cheating on you? If so, do you remember what happened? You looked for clues to support your ideas. The ones that didn't match up were ignored. Are they cheating or not?

You have the ability to use this same mind power to help with weight loss using hypnosis.

People have crazy ideas about what hypnosis actually is. They might think it's being out of control or maybe even being unconscious. Sometimes when a client has finished with a hypnosis session they will say that they probably weren't even hypnotized because they remember everything that happened.

Hypnosis is really just hyper-focusing on one issue.

We hyper-focus by putting aside the conscious mind and focusing on the subconscious mind. The conscious mind is the part of you that is always evaluating and criticizing everything that is happening around you. In hypnosis, we are able to sidestep the conscious mind through a deeply relaxed trance state.

When you put aside the conscious mind, you are able to talk directly to your subconscious mind. You will be able to easily implant suggestions here. With your conscious mind busy, it won't be able to criticize any of the suggestions. The good thing about that is that they will be more easily accepted.

So you can tell yourself things like "I always decide whether it's emotional or physical hunger that I am feeling" or "I chose foods that enhance my health" and guess what? You'll start believing it! These excerpts from one of our hypnosis recordings are powerful.

Doesn't it sound a bit like meditation?

Hypnosis is like meditation with a purpose.

The purpose of meditation is to empty your cup. The goal here is to empty your mind by achieving a relaxed, peaceful state of mind. It brings you into a deep state of awareness, focus or higher consciousness.

Hypnosis fills the cup back up. You have emptied your mind of distracting thoughts and now you want to fill it back up with the thoughts and ideas that will support you in your weight loss.

That's what hypnosis really is all about. Self hypnosis is simply when you practice hypnosis by yourself.

Use self hypnosis for weight loss. Use your mind power.

When will you make time this week to start?