Sunday, February 19, 2012

Baby Heartburn - Relief And Remedies by Steve Phillips

When my child was tiny, she suffered from what is known as baby reflux or baby heartburn. Initially, she didn't gain weight. Then she coughed a lot and was even more fussy than babies normally are. When I took her to a doctor, it was just for a cold.

The doctor then began asking me about her eating, which had been poor to say the least. He noticed she sounded hoarse in crying and it seemed, to him anyway, like she she had a sore throat. I was beginning to think that I was right in my home diagnosis of a cold when he floored me and said that it was baby heartburn.

My doctor said that I had a choice of treating it by oral medication or trying some home remedies first. Because I don't believe in over-medicating a child, I decided to try some of the home treatments first. So, the first thing to try, if you've got a baby with heartburn is to give your baby smaller meals throughout the day instead of trying to get them on our schedule of three big meals a day. The other thing he suggested was for me to not give the baby anything to eat within two or three hours of bed time.

If your baby has frequent heartburn, don't give them citrusy fruits like oranges or tomatoes. Also, avoid caffeine, chocolate or any fried foods too. Other tips that my doctor gave me was to raise the head end of the bed up by 6-8 inches using blocks of wood. He also urged me to burp the baby often as this would help prevent the baby heartburn.

Of course I wanted to know why my baby was getting this baby heartburn. I felt guilty that I had done something wrong. However, the doctor assured me that it wasn't anything I'd done. He said it happened less for infants fed from the breast than from the bottle. My doctor suggested I thicken the formula milk to reduce the chance of being sick.

Luckily, the combination of things that I tried worked for me. He did tell me that if they didn't work, I could come back in and they would try giving my baby Zantac or Tagament in a baby strength. While I didn't have to do this, if the problem had persisted for much longer, I would have given in and come back to the doctor.

The best advice I can give is to watch and note what your baby is doing. The infant's problems may be more than a cold; they may be something else entirely. Don't be afraid to appear mother henish and schedule an appointment whenever you see symptoms that just don't seem right.