Friday, October 21, 2011

The 2 Great Actions You Should Take To Lose Weight by Sabbat Lama

If you are very serious about losing weight in a healthy way that would last for quite a long time, or even forever, there are some basic steps you have to take. No, it’s not magical steps or some kind of mumbo-jumbo; its something anyone can do without even being through any formal education system. But this must be preceded by goal setting, or else your action could just fade out slowly. And you must track your progress like info marketers track their campaign success.

Now let’s see these actions to take:

Dieting: Lots of us easily get carried away by hyped promises on different unnecessary weight loss programs, pills, fad diets and so on. Although some might even turn out to be useful, they sometimes make our body lose well developed muscles; they shrink. Water is also lost even more than the fat. Why should we be robbing Peter to pay Paul? It is quite unhealthy, and besides, it makes the lost weight return again later.

The action you have to take is to eat good food or good diet that wont cause you such side effects later; it’s the healthiest way to lose weight you want.

And oh, your goal doesn’t need to include having great looks like Beyonce or Iman, because you could just get broke forever while they get richer.

Reaching your best body size in good health is the most important goal instead of fad diets and compulsory fasting. So, go get the right food and good exercise.


Everyone knows that exercise is among the top actions to take in order to lose weight. Even though some ladies run away from it; that it could add some masculine features on them, but I bet you, you will still be women, healthier, happier and more shaped without looking like the muscular sculptural works of Michael Angelo.

Remember; apart from weight loss, exercise is a blessing to the body in different ways. Apart from weight loss, exercise increases your smartness, efficiency, fat burning rate, body circulation and sweet dreams whenever you close those beautiful eyes to sleep.

Also, exercise helps to make your skin to look polished like silk of the finest quality as well as boosting the immune system.

I bet you, good diet and exercise are top actions that when taken, they can turn you from a Yokozuna to a Shawn Michaels.

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