Friday, October 21, 2011

The Sleeping Solutions That Finally Helped My Family by Mary Woodard

My husband has had a problem with snoring as long as I can remember. Funny, but it never really bothered me until I hit my 30s. When I was in my 20s I could sleep through virtually anything. When my 30s came around I was suddenly a very finicky sleeper. After I had my first child, things changed. I was so concerned about the baby’s sleeping schedule, I was suddenly very sensitive to noise. Yes, then and only then did I realize my husband has a problem with snoring—and I needed sleeping solutions!

Of course, broaching the subject with your partner is not easy. My husband didn’t see the importance of it and even suggested that I was being unreasonable. He is asleep throughout the problem! How can he be expected to understand the position that I’m in having to listen to his cackling and wheezing every minute of every night? Eventually, he agreed to get help. Sadly, none of the sleeping solutions I found online or over the counter worked. He would just feel sick after taking this garbage and I would feel bad about the whole ordeal.

We tried the whole “sleep on your side and plug your nose” home remedy. The snoring still came back. I can’t lie and say that a good night’s sleep was more important than my marriage. However, I did not truly have a “happy marriage” when this problem was occurring. How could I? I hardly slept, and was worried for him. Sometimes he sounded like he was gagging to death! Luckily, I found sleeping solutions that really worked.

The sleeping solution that finally worked was not a medical product nor a $300 electronic device. Rather, it was a series of exercises that my husband could learn. They were easy to do and were said to be helpful to the throat muscles. As the product’s sponsor explained, the main problem with snoring is that there is an obstruction in the passageway that prevents you from breathing normally. This can be caused by a variety of reasons, from fat buildup near the through to alcohol or cigarettes, to just the way you are positioned in bed.

The real cure, I found out, was to strengthen your throat muscles so you can train yourself to breath correctly even if there is a brief obstruction. Sleeping solutions by way of exercise is the best treatment to stop snoring the healthy way. You have nothing to lose! Believe me, I was all out of options when I first discovered these breathing exercises. My husband was willing to try them just so he could stop taking OTC medicines.

We are both glad that we tried one more solution because the exercise worked! Now my family—my husband, my two children, and myself—sleep wonderfully every night. You never really appreciate a good night’s sleep until you are unable to fall asleep for days on end! I hope that you will try the exercise series you can find at that finally helped silence the snoring in my house.