Friday, October 21, 2011

How to Get Rid of Unwanted Pregnancy Weight Fast by Deji King

It is natural and almost impossible for a pregnant woman no matter the colour, shape, size or age not to gain some weight during conception or after putting to bed. This happens because the growth of the baby and development depends on it. However, because many women are caught unaware of this development or didn’t prepare for it, they don’t always know how to make best use of the situation. There have been cases where husbands get irritated with the new look of their wives which often affects their sexual life and cause general apathy. The wife now looks ugly, not fascinating, not the honey or sugar as she used to be. What then can a woman do or how can a woman get rid of unwanted pregnancy weight fast?

It must be noted at the outset that it is not easy to get rid of pregnancy weight for the simple reason that after a woman put to bed, there will be a considerable reduction in the level of Progesterone-hormone responsible for the increase in metabolism and which allow you to burn calories. The first thing you have to do is to rest for nothing less than eight weeks before you start to get rid of that unwanted pregnancy weight.

One of the natural things to do to get rid of your unwanted pregnancy weight is to cultivate the habit of taking good diet. During this period, consuming low-fat milk and dairy products and choosing whole grain products like whole wheat bread and whole grain cereal can help you lose weight. Other foods you can count on include low-fat, high-fiber foods such as fruits like apples, oranges, etc and raw vegetables while not forgetting carrots and red pepper strips for healthy snacks. You must also look for low-fat products and you don’t need to drink whole milk in order to make good breast milk and instead of eating fried foods, choose broiled or baked ones. You may also to need to limit your intake of sweets, which have extra calories from sugar and fat.

Another way to curb excess weight during this period is to engage in short slow walks around the house. Walking around, not necessarily long distance is an ideal way for a woman to get rid of their pregnancy weight fast. To walk properly, maintain correct posture by walking tall with your stomach tight. Lift your chest, relax your shoulders and keep your head up. After sometime, you can increase your walking rate but seek expert advice on this before you do.

A way to engage in exercise is to also go swimming and do aerobics in the water. You also need to incorporate aerobic and strength training exercises after pregnancy to burn calories and keep your muscles and bones strong. This helps to reduce depression and helps in ensuring good sleep.

You have to understand that to shed baby weight might not be easy as it seems especially since a caring woman won’t be able to sleep very well and when you gets too tired, your body releases stress hormones that promote weight instead of reducing it.

However, by and large, everything will be fine with the body when you make it a duty to take good care of you eating healthy food, sleeping at the right time, doing exercises and don’t forget to ask for help from your doctor and dietician.