Friday, October 21, 2011

Rapid Weight Loss Through Detox by John Weyenberg

"Detox" is a process of detoxifying your body. In essence, you will be ridding your body of unwanted and harmful toxins. This process is also referred to as a 'cleanse' or a 'colon cleanse'. It is something we should do annually.

Most detox or cleanse diets are water-based, meaning that you can drink as much water as you desire for a specified period (usually 5-10 days). Some allow you to put lemon juice into the water to aid the process. And some allow for some citrus fruit. But just about all of them stress the need to start with a fast.

Here is my detox regimen. I use a water fast for the first 24-48 hours. Personally, I have trouble going without and food for much longer than that. On the third day, I begin to eat grapefruit for my meals. One grapefruit per meal. This helps me to get over the 'starving' feeling and also allow me to get the energy I need to continue exercising. I know many people that can do a water fast for a lot longer than me and they all claim to have enough energy to remain active. Most will begin to add a little lemon juice to their water after 48 hours. I just haven't been able to go that long without feeling that I was going to die if I didn't eat something. So the grapefruit has worked well for me. The acids in citrus fruit help the elimination process. And this is what you want. You are eliminating the toxins in your colon. I continue my water/grapefruit cleanse for 5-10 days. I try and go as long as I can knowing that additional days will produce a better cleanse. But I never go past 10 days and most people don't either.

There are many supplements out there that will do a very good job of helping you detox. And even some of these allow you to eat a somewhat regular diet during the process. I recommend this method if you find the thought of existing on water and grapefruit for 5-10 days to be too tedious.

Once you have completed your personal detox/cleanse diet, it is important that you do not start feasting right away. It is best to introduce foods back into your system in a controlled manner. A normal course of action is to eat another type of fruit that first day off the cleanse. Then you can slowly introduce vegetables back into your diet, perhaps in the form of a salad on the second day. I stick with two or three days of nothing but fruit and vegetables before I begin to have 'meals' again. And that's it. Following this will rid your body of the unwanted toxins in your system and allow you to lose weight in the process!