Friday, October 21, 2011

Do You Want A Good Full Face Respirator? by Rudy Silva

Are you in need of a full face respirator? You may work with hazardous chemical or gases where you need protection. It is not uncommon to have a respirator at home for emergencies. If you have an illness that limits your oxygen, you should use a respirator. For information on respirator uses, read this article.

Have you got any idea on what a full face respirator is? If not, then the first thing that you have to know is that it can be bought from safety supply stores. Yes, respirator mask is a safety mask worn by people to protect their eyes, face as well as their lungs by filtering the air that they breathe.

Scientists, crime scene investigators, firefighters and even welders are most likely the kind of people that need this kind of safety supply. With breathing masks, you can do your job without facing the risk of being contaminated from any harmful chemicals. Aside from this, respirators would also protect your work or evidences from being contaminated with contaminants that your body.

Of course, masks aren’t just used in a work environment. Every household may also benefit from these safety supply items. They may come in handy during emergency situations or as protection during fumigation schedules.

There are different kinds of masks. There are full face respirators and there are also half face ones. So, even though you know what this item is, it doesn’t make buying any easier. This only means that running to a safety supply store and asking sales personnel doesn’t guarantee a good respirator mask. Knowing the different types of breathing units is still highly advisable.

The different kinds of masks are designed to fit different situations as well to provide different levels of safety. To help you choose the right one for your program or job, here are few categories of respirators.

An Air Purifying mask usually protects your from less dangerous toxins and contaminants. It is usually worn against smokes and gases.

A powered respirators filter and supply air is designed to remove toxins from the air and provide clean air for you.

A self contained breathing apparatus or SCBA is made up of three vital pieces - the mouth mask, pressure regulator and a high pressure tank. It is generally use in activities that require gas or oxygen supply for a longer period of time.

Half- face masks cover only half of a person’s face. It can cover and protect your nose and mouth against harmful objects that are around you. Policemen, insect exterminators and households often use this type of respirator mask.

The full face respirator covers the whole face. It can protect the eyes, nose and mouth against any hazardous objects or particles that might cause irritation or other health problems. Scientist, soldiers and crime scene investigators generally use this mask in their work.

Of course, the idea of obtaining a safety supply item like a respirator is to provide you with a better and safer breathing environment. To maximize the benefits of full face respirator, it is important to know what a good full face respirator is.

Respirator manufacturers and vendors design and create these masks for the maximum safety. Accordingly, a good full face mask should perfectly fit your face to ensure protection. It has to be comfortable and lightweight, so that your focus will be on your work and not on your mask. The view out of the mask should be clear, with good visibility.