Friday, October 21, 2011

Offers of Massage Therapists in Clearwater, Oldsmar, Safety Harbor, and Trinity, Florida by Chris Lontok

A Back massage

Massage therapy generally targets the stress points on your back such as the sides of your spine, the two points on your lower back near the tail bone, and the muscles around your shoulder blades. Most clinics offer 30 to 40 minute back massage services so if you're in need of quick relief from back aches, this is for you.

Reflexology Massage Therapy

This massage focuses on certain stress points on your body from your head, to your back, to the front of your body, up to your feet. Some people assume that this is a simple foot massage but reflexology gives focus on all important stress points. This treatment is perfect for people who are always on their feet or on the move.

Aromatherapy Massage

Aromatherapy is a variation of the Swedish massage except that essential oils are added to the treatment. According to professional massage therapists, the smell released by the oils further promotes relaxation and gives a therapeutic effect on the mind and body. Essential oils may be burnt or mixed with the massage oil. Therapists sometimes also cup the oils into their hands and allow you to inhale the oil for a few seconds before and during the massage.

Sports Massage

A sports massage is specifically designed for physically active people like athletes. But note that non-athletes can also choose to get this type of massage. The objective of this massage is focused on strengthening and enhancing muscle performance to heighten performance and avoid injuries. This is not a massage for relaxation. A sports massage can also be given to patients undergoing physical therapy. Unlike other body massages, therapists tend to focus on specified areas of the body and not the whole.

Deep Tissue Massage

The deep tissue massage targets the body's deeper muscles and tissues. It is a bit similar to a sports massage but this treatment uses slower strokes on the body. People with posture problems, chronic muscle pain, and those recovering from injury can opt for this treatment from the clinic. One might feel a bit of soreness after this massage but it is a natural effect of the procedure. The pain should subside in one to two days.

Hot Stone Massage Therapy

As the name implies, hot stones are placed on certain points of the body to loosen and soothe tight and aching muscles. This type of body massage also has to do with the management of body's flow of energy wherein it aims to channel blocked energy flow throughout the body for wellness in mind and spirit. This is a relatively lighter massage as compared to the other forms of treatment.

Pregnancy Massage

This special massage was developed for expectant mothers in order to lessen or relieve them of common pregnancy symptoms such as morning sickness, back aches, swelling, and varicose veins. Doctors have also found that this treatment is highly beneficial for the baby and the mother especially during the childbirth process. Only certified and professional therapists are allowed to give this massage because special conditions during pregnancy require knowledge of allowable procedures of the treatment. A go-ahead may also be needed from one's doctor before setting your appointment with the massage spa or clinic.

Swedish Massage

According to survey, this is one of the most popular type of massages known by Americans. Application of long, smooth strokes, combined with circular movements and kneading action provides instant release of muscle stress and stiffness. Lotions and oils are used for this body massage and is highly recommended for first-timers on getting a massage. Some massage spas or clinics also call a Swedish massage as massage therapy.