Friday, October 21, 2011

Nutrition and Seniors, It Can Be Difficult To Accomplish But It’s Critical by Paula Stone

Many seniors may no longer be able to cook. Or they just don’t feel like cooking and eating alone. Seniors sometimes need help finding solutions for this important issue as they become less able to manage on their own. It’s possible for families and seniors to cooperate with each other to make sure seniors’ dietary needs are being met following our 7 suggestions.

1. As seniors become more disabled they can have home health agencies come in and do some cooking and cleaning if the seniors have insurance or income that will pay for this service.

2. Families and friends who live nearby can include seniors in meals they fix for their families.

3. Or a senior family member might live with a son or daughter’s family.

4. Families can prepare meals that are frozen, but easy for a senior to heat and eat.

5. A senior might choose some type of elder care where meals are provided, especially if they are unable to drive and shop for themselves.

6. Or an older person who is significantly disabled might need full time skilled nursing care like in a nursing home. When seniors are unable to feed themselves this might be a necessary option especially if most family members work full time and are not available to give them the care they need.

7. A senior might get together with friends who can live together and help each other when needed. This is an option for people who are single or have no children to help them.

It’s really important to address seniors’ dietary needs effectively. Poor nutrition can make anyone less able to manage independently. A good diet that fulfills seniors’ dietary needs can also help them stay healthy and independent longer.