Sunday, November 13, 2011

Best Way To Lose Weight - Which Of These 7 Ways To Lose Weight Works Best For You by Laura Ng

What do you want to achieve? Weight loss alone or both weight loss and health? Let me show you which of these 7 ways you should go with for best effective weight loss and optimum health.

1. Liposuction - A cosmetic surgery using a hollow tube and a suction device to help remove fat from any parts of your body. However, the death toll as a consequence of post-operative complications rates between 20 and 100 deaths per 100,000 procedures. People who go with lipo usually want a quick fix to help them lose weight and sculpt their body without going through exercising and dieting. Though death rate is pretty low, most people suffer some sorts of complications, and this number has gone unreported.

2. Gastric Banding - Usually a final resort proposed for extremely obese people whose lives are at stake and need immediate weight loss solution. Like liposuction, it involves risks. Death rate is about 50 deaths per 100,000 operations.

3. Body Wrap - A weird way to wrap yourself up like a mummy but yet you're losing water weight instead of fat mass. However, it's a cheap way to cheat yourself - just buy some plastic film roll or wrap sheets and you can do in the comfort of your home. But again, you won't lose fat in it.

4. B12 Shot - Vitamin B12 is one of the key nutrients we all need. But some people claim that it can help you boost metabolism and lose weight by injecting B12 directly into your muscle. You may experience side effects of bloated stomach, heavier and longer menstrual cycle (for women), difficulty in breathing and swallowing, tightness of chest, racing heartbeat, etc. In fact, we don't need extra shot of B12 for weight loss, so long as we eat healthily, our metabolism will function at its peak and burn fat effectively. And you don't get a single side effect.

5. Acupuncture - This therapy works as a complement to your change of lifestyle instead of a sole weight loss solution to help you get rid of the extra ugly fat. Acupuncture works by inserting needles into specific points on your body to release endorphins which can combat your stress, frustration and anxiety that usually associate with binge eating. With less binge eating, you lose weight.

6. Tobacco Smoking - Some people smoke to help them control their weight as tobacco contains high level of nicotine that is effective in suppressing hunger so you don't overeat. But alas, this way of weight loss is so idiotic that wise people would never touch. It does nothing positive to your health and 5 - 8 million people died of smoking worldwide every year. If you think it looks cool on you, tell you what, a survey reported that 86% of people find their opposite sex who smoke look repulsive rather than attractive. And you stink too.

7. Vegetarian Diet - A healthy diet that advocates eating whole natural foods which are packed with essential nutrients such as fiber, complex-carbohydrate, full protein and various other vitamins and minerals to maintain a healthy body that will take care of the weight automatically. In fact, you can easily fit this diet into your long-term lifestyle once you reach your ideal weight and shape, unlike many other diets that are designed to help weight loss but don't provide nutrients for your body to operate optimally.

I save the best for the last - vegetarian diet, because it's really the best way to lose weight and you can even take the diet as a permanent lifestyle, unlike other weight loss diets that you can only hold on to for short-term only. I'm sure you'd agree with me on that, but will you pick up this healthful choice over your cravings for meat? The choice is yours ;)