Sunday, November 13, 2011

Lose Weight on Vegetarian Diet by Laura Ng

How to lose weight on vegetarian diet? You can have the best vegetarian weight loss diet, but if you execute it in the wrong way, you won't lose much weight. Here I'll show you what ingredients to include in your vegetarian weight loss diet and what you should do to lose the excess fat and shed the unwanted pounds.

To lose weight on vegetarian diet effectively and efficiently, the ingredients you need are:

1. Complex-Carbohydrate - Whole food that contains natural complex-carb breaks down into glucose more slowly than simple carb, thus providing a gradual stream of energy to sustain your bodily functions and activities throughout the day. Such food also bears the most natural vitamins and minerals needed for energy production. Processed food containing simple-carb has usually been stripped off of these valuable nutrients. Wholegrain bread, muesli, oat, brown rice, spaghetti, lentils, beans, peas, pita bread are examples of complex-carb foods.

2. Fiber - Gives you the bulk that makes you feel full easily so you won't crave for more food. It also helps to slow down digestion so you won't feel hungry easily. It helps to improve your bowel movements and keep your body free of toxins. Vegetables, wholegrains, nuts and seeds, and fruits contain mixture of soluble and insoluble fiber your body needs for effective vegetarian weight loss.

3. Good Fat - No doubt fat carries about 9 calories per gram, you need fat to survive. Choose good dietary fats like coconut oil, olive oil and flax oil. These are the good fats that will keep your body balanced and promote fat loss.

4. Chili - This vegetarian food generates thermogenic effect that boosts metabolism to burn fat. But if you eat too much, it may hurt your stomach and trigger acid reflux. Thus, moderation is the key. It's best added to spice up your vegetarian weight loss diet to give an extra boost of fat-burning response.

5. Water - You can't lose weight on vegetarian diet when your body contains low water level. Especially when you're eating whole foods containing lots of fiber, you need more water consumption than usual to maintain the hydration level of your body for optimal metabolism. But take note though, excessive water can cause water poisoning and trigger permanent brain damage, or even death. Hence, adequate amount of water will do. Cut back on all your sweetened beverages. Plain water is the best.

These are essentially the weight loss ingredients and foods to help you lose weight on vegetarian diet. In fact, there's one more - exercise. It is indisputably the best supplement to help you burn more fat and lose weight as a vegetarian. Did you know that the winning formula of a vegetarian weight loss diet plan? Yes, a nutrient-packed vegetarian fat loss meal + a set of sure-fire fat-burning workouts, that is.