Sunday, November 13, 2011

Healthy Weight Loss for Vegetarians by Laura Ng

It's not impossible to achieve healthy weight loss for vegetarians. It all lies in your approach towards your vegetarian weight loss - what you eat and how you eat. Admittedly, focusing on just one aspect (i.e. fat loss) tends to produce so-called faster result, but the thing is, you might permanently sacrifice your health via crash weight loss methods.

Here I give you a quick rundown on what should a healthy weight loss diet for vegetarians be, followed by a brief description of how you should eat to achieve both weight loss and good health at the same time.

Healthy Weight Loss Diet for Vegetarians

Essentially, your vegetarian fat loss diet should embrace as much whole vegetarian foods as possible. Whole foods provide you with fiber, complex-carbohydrate, protein and natural fat to keep your body function normally, and maintain your metabolism at an active level at all times.

Metabolic disorder is likely caused by the wrong choice of foods, particularly processed vegetarian foods that are infused with refined sugar, sodium, bad saturated fat and chemical additives for flavor enhancement.

Imagine dumping junk inside your body, how on earth can you expect your body to not run amok and continue to take care of the weight for you? Make sense? Habitually eating all sorts of unhealthy vegetarian food is one thing you must change, or you'll never achieve healthy weight loss.

How to Eat Your Vegetarian Weight Loss Diet to Lose Weight

Once you've made the right food choices, next, get on to healthy eating such as eating 5 meals a day - breakfast, morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack and dinner. Keep your stomach at 70% satiety level for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and 30 - 40% for snack.

The whole idea in this way of eating is to keep you on the go and improve your fat burning response. The fact is, when your stomach goes empty, your metabolism will automatically drop to conserve energy, hence you'll burn less calories from your fat stores. Hence, boosting your metabolism with 5 meals a day is one effective tactic to help vegetarians lose weight.

Bear in mind that when you ingest natural fibrous foods in your vegetarian weight loss diet, you need to consume more water than usual because fiber will absorb water to help soften your stool for smooth excretion.

Last but not least, take your time to savor every meal. The stomach takes about 10 - 20 minutes to register satiety with the brain. So, give your brain sufficient time to receive signal from your stomach. Many people do not feel full during eating, but 10 - 20 minutes after the meal they'll feel stuffed. Does it sound familiar? This is one way that causes you to overeat. Therefore, slow down your eating speed and you'll realize the goodness of that.

Is it really difficult to achieve healthy weight loss for vegetarians? The answer is obvious - it is easy, but it depends on whether you're willing to follow the guidelines and change your eating habits.