Sunday, November 13, 2011

How to Lose Weight as a Vegetarian with Your Brain by Laura Ng

Vegetarians do not gain weight easily, but because of the inappropriate use of your brain, you become overweight. How does your brain affect you and make weight loss so difficult?

Let's take a look at these vegetarian weight loss solutions - weight loss shakes, slimming pills, B12 shot, liposuction, acupuncture, probiotic, detox diet, low-carb high-protein vegetarian weight loss diet, acai berry juice, weight loss beverages, rapid vegetarian weight loss tips etc… do they really work?

Imagine you're taking or undergoing any or combination of these funny vegetarian weight loss tricks while on the other hand you continue with your rotten bingeing habits and sedentary vegetarian lifestyle, do you think you can achieve your ideal weight and coveted body shape long-term?

Let me show you proof, but I need your imagination in order for you to get the picture.

Let's say you take weight loss shakes in the morning. At best, it only helps you detox. What next? You continue eating processed vegetarian food, high-sugar junk, sodium-laced chips etc for the day. These stuffs will make wave inside your body and cause fluctuations in your blood glucose level, make you feel thirsty and leave toxins in your fat tissues. What next?

Your internal organs must do the best they can to excrete the waste materials out of your body. But because these "baddies" gush into your body in bulk sizes, your body finds them too much to handle, so a portion of them remains inside your body for the day. Next morning you take the shakes again, and it detoxifies your body. Then you continue with what you've been eating all this while again.

Now, this is a perfect scenario such that I'm assuming the weight loss shakes is a miraculous formula that will undo all the harm you have done to your body day in, day out. But in reality, they're just ordinary fiber-rich food that gives your body a temporary relief. Toxins and every other harmful microorganisms will continue to breed inside your body and impair your system day after day, resulting in more fat being stored in your fat cells.

Like alcohol drinking. Tonight you booze. Next morning you wake up with a hangover. You hate the pain a lot. Then you take some form of tea or whatever hangover reliefs to ease your hangover. Night falls and you booze again. This vicious cycle will continue until your liver can't take it anymore and decide to call it quits. When it does that, you had better start arranging for your own funeral.

Unless you do something about what you put inside your mouth and start getting your butt off the cozy couch and do some exercises, no matter what kind of special dieting formula or surgery you use, you'll never achieve permanent health and fat loss as a vegetarian.

Simply put, your goal to have a nice body shape for good will always be a dream to you.

But because you're so desperate to get a quick fix on your overweight issue, you forgo the logic and put your common sense aside (you shut down your left brain), and let your right brain take charge of what you need. That's how so many vegetarians got hooked onto temporary vegetarian weight loss solutions that give them a short-term wow effect but thereafter, nothing seems to change any more for them.

Your mind takes charge of everything. But you're the master of your own thoughts. Don't let your right brain lead you to the wrong solutions via your emotions. Let your left brain take on the driver's seats instead, and you'll begin to realize the truth of vegetarian weight loss, which is, you can never rely on those solutions (mentioned early on) to give you permanent effect.

Proper vegetarian weight loss diet plan coupled with a healthy exercise regimen are then the ultimate combo solution to your overweight problem.