Sunday, November 13, 2011

Vegetarian Weight Loss Buddy by Laura Ng

Birds of a feather flock together. The kind of people you mix with can cripple or support your vegetarian weight loss plan.

If you've been hanging out with vegetarian friends who have the same overweight problems as you but don't want to do anything about it, they may not show support when you announce your intention to lose weight. Instead of giving encouragement, they may discourage you by saying, "What's the point? You won't make it, so why waste time?"

Once they realize you mean business in losing weight, they may just try to sabotage your weight loss effort by stuffing or tempting you with fatty and high-sugar vegetarian foods, passing negative remarks or stopping you from exercising.

Some even threaten to end your friendship with them.

Somehow, their reactions sadden and confuse you. You're fat and they're your friends so you expect them to understand and support you to change for the better, not sabotage.

At this point, you got to make a choice between these friends and your vegetarian weight loss plan. Yes, I heard your protest - your friendship doesn't have to end this way. Perhaps they just need some time to understand.

True. I agree. But real friends ought to feel happy for you, if not joining you, for wanting to become a healthy and slim vegetarian.

Sticking with unsupportive friends definitely hinders you from finding solutions to lose weight and stay slim. You may just give up your vegetarian weight loss plan under peer pressure. Hence, try to stay away from them until you succeed in losing weight. You can do it subtly by meeting them for other activities instead of meals or meeting them less often.

Meanwhile, try to befriend slim vegetarians, particularly those who have successfully lost weight and able to keep it off. Most of these slim vegetarians feel exceptionally proud of their fat loss success and would be more than willing to share their weight loss secrets.

Observe their eating habits and lifestyle so as to pick up a few fat-melting tips for yourself. Who knows, you may just find some weight loss buddies for company. Best is, you might learn some unheard-of vegetarian weight loss techniques which can prove pretty efficient for you.

But don't get me wrong. I'm not asking you to break up with all your overweight vegetarian friends. Simply exercise your judgment. In fact, after you lose weight successfully, you'll have a chance to share your weight loss success stories with them too.

Therefore, I encourage you to stay in touch with those you believe will accept the new you and help them.