Sunday, November 13, 2011

Some Medical Receptionist Services Come With Hidden Costs by Jim Peterson

A medical practice business is something that thrives mainly on proper appointment scheduling. If you're a capable medical practitioner, then you probably know that your clinic's strength is defined by the number of patients who have decided to register to your business.

It can't be denied, though, that with the number of patients you attend to, not to mention the follow up calls you need to see to, you're often left with practically no time to spare for other tasks. That's why you employ the services of an able medical staff. However, as the patient flow of your practice increases, your medical staff will find themselves dealing with more patients, and more patients mean more scheduling, cancellations and more stress.

This might push you to look for ways to streamline your day and make your staff more efficient. One of these methods is to set up a medical website, complete with a medical web scheduler. This online scheduler means that your patients may book appointments with you or with your medical staff from the comfort of their homes using their desktop computers or laptops.

This type of system is widely referred to now as virtual medical receptionist. The software can be simple or customized. If it is simple, your patients only need to fill out a web form where they may indicate their full names, birthdates and desired appointment dates but the form will not ask for certain information that you, as a doctor, may require every time you meet with your patients. On the other hand, a customized online scheduler may request that a patient give out his insurance and billing information and other information like the reason for the appointment or any other detail relevant to the appointment request on the form. The information are then stored in your database and you can easily retrieve them from your computer.

You can even opt for a system that offers mobile device synchronization so that you, your staff or your patients may access the medical web scheduler from their smart phones. However, do take note that this type of mobile service may involve hidden charges so that even if you were able to acquire the software for a very cheap price, additional costs may be placed on top of whatever amount you need to pay for monthly or annually.

So if you're bound to resort to a virtual medical receptionist, make sure that you read the fine print first so that all bases are covered and you won't be surprised to learn of hidden costs that have been charged to you.