Sunday, November 13, 2011

Healthy Vegetarian Weight Loss - How to Lose Weight & Gain Health by Laura Ng

To lose weight and gain health effectively the vegetarian way, your body needs to:

1. Stay Metabolically Active - Metabolism is the process of burning calories. When you increase your metabolism, you'll burn calories efficiently even while you sleep.

2. Reduce Fat Deposit - You already carry lots of excess fat all over your body. If you were to introduce more fat into your fat deposits, you'll grow even fatter. So, you need to reduce the amount of unused calories from getting stored in your fat cells.

3. Burn Fat from Fat Storage - This is the part where your body extracts the fat from your fat storage and converts them into fuel to power your bodily activities. When you burn fat at a rate faster than the storing of fat, you'll lose weight due to fat loss.

How to Stay Metabolically Active

You can keep yourself metabolically active by jumpstarting your day with a morning exercise. And then take 5 - 6 smaller meals a day instead of just 3 large meals. This meal plan will become your vegetarian weight loss diet. The whole idea of this vegetarian weight loss diet plan is to give your stomach something to digest round the clockwork, thereby keeping you ongoing and burn calories even when you're sleeping like a bear.

How to Reduce Fat Deposit

It's easier for vegetarians to reduce fat deposits by upping your consumption of fiber-rich foods such as vegetables, fruits and legumes. When you increase your fiber intake, your stomach will become full easily, but the total calorie intake you're ingesting could be much lower than what you actually need. So you won't add on extra fatty component into your fat store.

How to Burn Fat from Fat Storage

In this case, vegetarian weight loss is no different from other effective weight loss solutions. That is, you want to get rid of the fat that has been piled up in your fat storage, you need to increase your bodily activities by injecting exercises. This will force your body to go extract the fat from the fat reserve and convert them into usable energy to fuel your sudden burst of physical movements.

These are the 3 basic rules for efficient and effective vegetarian weight loss. And remember, your aim is to lose weight due to fat loss, not due to water loss or eating less food or any other thing that once stop will make your weight bounce back.