Sunday, November 13, 2011

Vegetarian Weight Loss Checklist - The Secret to Losing Weight Effectively as a Vegetarian by Laura Ng

Losing weight doesn't mean you're losing fat effectively. The word 'effective' actually means you're really getting rid of the unnecessary fats off your body instead of water mass and muscle mass, but yet keeping the healthy fats in your body to maintain your overall well-being.

Here's the vegetarian weight loss checklist to help you see if you're doing the right thing to lose weight or not:

[ ] Are you on a low-carb, high-protein diet? This health-detrimental diet can lead to slow reaction, poor concentration, bad breath, constipation, headaches etc. It does help you lose weight, but for a short-term only. You should go with a healthy diet with carb comprising 55 - 60%, which allows you to stick to long-term and can easily transition to become your lifestyle, rather than just a weight loss solution.

[ ] Do you take more meals a day? 3 meals a day is not powerful enough to activate your metabolism throughout the day. Fill in the gap between meals with snack, and your fat-burning power will double. But when you include snacks, you should reduce your meal portion size.

[ ] Do you include plenty of vegetables in your meals? Vegetables carry tons of fiber and complex-carbohydrate for extremely effective fat loss. Those who break weight loss plateau easily and lose more fat take lots of veggies.

[ ] Do you drink plenty of water? Sufficient water will help your fat-burning engine run optimally.

[ ] Are you sticking to a specific group of food? Your cells and tissues require various different nutrients to metabolize the calories consumed efficiently. When you keep giving them only that variety of nutrients, they'll only perform half-tank. Give them a full spectrum of nutrients and they'll run at full speed.

[ ] Do you eat high-sugar food in your vegetarian diet? Refined sugar is "toxic". Even eating 1 - 3 times a week can easily undo all the hard work you've previously done to lose weight.

[ ] Do you take textured vegetable protein (TVP)? TVP is a processed "fake meat" that usually contains high sodium, high fat and high sugar. I understand that it's particularly difficult for people on transition to quit cold turkey on meat, but eating more of such "vegetarian" food can wreck your weight loss plan very easily. Eat sparingly. Once you become a seasoned vegetarian, you can then phase it out completely.

[ ] Do you eat slowly? Your stomach takes about 10 - 20 minutes (sometimes 2 - 5 minutes) to tell your brain whether you're full or not. When you eat too fast, you can easily overeat.

[ ] Do you get enough rest? Not getting quality sleep can trigger metabolic disorder such that instead of burning those extra calories, your body stocks them up.

[ ] Do you visit toilet at least once a day? Removing waste from your body is one of the keys to effective fat loss for vegetarians. The ideal number of times is 2 - 3 daily. Increase your fibrous food intake to achieve that.

[ ] Do you exercise at least 3 times a week? Exercise is a good weight loss supplement to complement your vegetarian weight loss diet. Not only it helps you burn more fat, but also keeps your heart, brain, kidney and other major organs healthy.

[ ] Do you do cardio or interval training? As long as you work out, you'll burn fat. But high-intensity interval training works more effectively and burn more fat than steady-state cardio.

This vegetarian weight loss checklist serves as a good reminder to help you stay on track. Print it out and paste it next to your computer now. You'll be able to lose weight as a vegetarian more easily and effectively than those who do not have this secret checklist.