Sunday, November 13, 2011

Why Becoming Vegetarian Makes You Fat - Tips to Lose Weight as Vegetarian by Laura Ng

Ever seen vegetarians running problem with weight loss? Are you one of them?

It's no surprise nowadays seeing vegetarians becoming as fat as meat-eaters. You can see them carrying a big fat belly in their mid-section while they walk down the street, watch them grossly wolfing down colorful sugary ice-cream at Swensen, crushing down cheesy vegetarian pizza at Pizza Hut and so forth. They also develop diseases such as colon cancer, cardiovascular disease and raise their risk to high blood pressure, diabetes and stroke.

Vegetarians are supposed to be slimmer and healthier, aren't they? Thanks to the modern processed vegetarian diet which has caused weight loss to become near impossible for vegetarians.

Truth is, a healthy vegetarian weight loss diet comes from your home. If you get the raw ingredients from outside and prepare the food yourself, you'll eat very much lesser processed stuff. And your health will improve. Your size will shrink. Your skin will become smoother and bouncier. You'll look younger and more vibrant.

More importantly, you'll lose weight and become a real slim vegetarian in good health. That's what you can do to help yourself. Otherwise, it's simply pointless to eat vegetarian yet ended up exposing yourself to as much health risks as meat-eater.

Your intention to go vegetarian could stem from your heart to save the world, minimize global warming impact and promote eco-friendliness. Of course, you'd also wish to convert your friends, family and others to be like you - eating vegetarian diet for weight loss and health. But studies show that fat people project negative image.

So when you cannot lose weight as a vegetarian and display such negative presence, how on earth are you going to positively influence others to follow suit?

I learn from a friend this - "Either you do your best, or you don't do at all". In this context, it means - if you want to become a vegetarian, do your best to be the slimmest and healthiest vegetarian on earth.

Don't say "I want to go vegetarian and make the world a better place" but yet on the other hand you're scoffing unhealthy processed food that turn you into a fat green monster who could die of some gross diseases that normally only occur to meat-eaters.

So, my friend, I do care for you, your shape, and your health. I also want to make this a better world. So, let's eat a healthy vegetarian weight loss diet and be the slimmest vegetarians on earth that will make all meat-eaters feel jealous of our excellent health and attractive shape. Remember, we always have a choice.