Saturday, February 18, 2012

Cure Insomnia Naturally - 1 Important Tip About Food To Help You Sleep... by Peter Kirwan

Don't ever doubt it - what you eat does have an effect on the way you sleep!

To cure insomnia naturally, without the use of poisonous drugs, you need to know the various causes that will need addressing. Causes like stress, poor physical condition, incorrect bedtime habits, a need for some brain retraining and a suitable healthy diet.

Knowing the foods that'll only ever keep you awake is important, but you'll probably be nicely surprised at some of the foods that make a definite contribution to that much needed full night of sleep - specifically the foods that contain this essential-for-sleep nutrient;


An amino acid (pronounced TRIP-TOE-FAN). Technically/medically known as a precursor of the sleep-inducing neurotransmitters known as serotonin and melatonin.

Without going into much further technical detail, eating foods containing tryptophan will quite simply go a long way to making you sleepy. Just what an insomniac needs!

Because of a special relationship that exists between tryptophan and carbohydrates, a meal consisting of both tryptophan-containing foods (poultry, dairy etc) and good carbs (potatoes, pasta etc) is a sure way of making sure that tryptophan has an even easier route to the brain. Keep in mind that a meal containing a large amount of protein with little or no carb is the opposite - a sure way of keeping you awake.

So, your dinner, supper and bedtime snack should be comprised of a complex carb with a small amount of tryptophan containing protein - an added portion of calcium such as milk is also helpful (there's good reason it's an old bedtime favorite).

It then stands to reason that low carb, high protein dishes, which give you energy, are best consumed during the first half of the day, for your breakfast and lunch etc.

A bad diet is a major contributor to the awful condition known as insomnia, so remember, fixing your diet and controlling the food you eat is just part of the re-training of your brain that you need to carry out in order to cure insomnia naturally and permanently.