Saturday, February 18, 2012

Easy Weight Loss Tips: Three Ways To Success by Sherri Frost

Follow these three easy weight loss tips to get results right away.

1. Set a realistic goal. You are not going to lose 10-15 pounds per week unless you are on a TV show, holed up in a canyon with personal trainers, doctors and nutritionists. Don't even think about it. Set mini-goals as you work your way towards a bigger goal.

What is the end result you want to see happen? Perhaps you want to lose forty pounds in seven months. That is very a very realistic and doable goal. Then decide on a small goal for yourself that you can reach right away. This could be something like losing two pounds in the next week or exercising for a half hour each day. When you reach this small goal, you'll have the feeling of success. Remember to take the time to celebrate each success along the way, you deserve it! This is going to make the entire journey more enjoyable.

One more thought about goals. To make a goal truly inspirational you will want to include more than just weight loss. Include details about how you will look and feel in your new clothes. Write it down and refer to it often.

2. Broadcast it to the world. Declare your intentions out loud. Let everyone know that you are losing weight. Tell your friends, post it online and shout it out your window if it helps. Do whatever you need to do to let people know. It may sound crazy but when you let everyone know what your goals are they become so much more real and tangible.

Even more powerful: Take a before photo and post it online. Take more pictures as you continue to lose weight. Who doesn't enjoy seeing before and after shots of people who have been successful at losing weight. Besides having your clothes fit more loosely, it's the easiest way to see the results.

Just as Oprah has been an inspiration to many as she has shared her weight loss saga, you'll be surprised to learn that you are providing motivation to your friends.

3. Surround yourself with success. Seek out the company of friends and family who support and encourage you. Unfortunately not all of them will give you what you need.

As you lose weight, your friends and family may be getting a bit nervous. They may not see your loss as their gain and they may sabotage your efforts. They could be fearful that you won't want to spend time with them anymore. Or it may make them realize that they have given up on their own goals.

To ignore the unhelpful comments of others, use self hypnosis. Use affirmations to change your thoughts and reprogram your mind towards success. Using these easy weight loss tips, you can tap into the success that is already within you.