Saturday, February 18, 2012

Dealing With Insomnia Naturally - Understanding Your Poisonous Pills... by Peter Kirwan

Apart from stress, lack of good exercise, depression, a poor diet, poor bedtime habits and the need for some gentle brain re-training, sleeping pills are very often another major contributor to the misery causing condition of insomnia - not to mention a large list of other uncomfortable side-effects that are common with the ingestion of a drug.

As an aid toward dealing with insomnia naturally and without causing yourself any further uncomfortable complications, it's important you know that although Popping sleeping pills might help in the short term, they are open to abuse and have other associated risks - addiction being one of the worst risks.

So, What Are Sleeping Pills?

They're mostly of a class described as "sedative hypnotics" and include the types known as benzodiazepines and barbiturates.

Barbiturates, although mostly used as anesthetics, depress and then sedate the central nervous system, so are also prescribed as a sedative or sleeping pill.

A benzodiazepine will increase sleepiness and is mostly prescribed for an anxiety problem. Benzodiazepines such as valium, librium, xanax and ativan are known to be especially addictive and open to severe abuse.

There are other newer, supposedly non-addictive, sleep-helping drugs on the market today - ambien, rozerem and lunesta are examples.

It's simple; sleeping pills do have side-effects just like every type of drug that is out there, including the every-day occurrence of addiction. You'll only know if you'll suffer any of the possible side-effects once you're actually using them.

And guess what? They can often stop working after a fairly short amount of use and leave you with an even deeper insomnia problem - great!

So in summary; stress, depression, lack of exercise, a poor bedtime routine and a poor diet, the need for some gentle brain re-training and your way of thinking along with a knowledge of what you’re letting yourself in for if you choose to use sleeping pills, is critical for ensuring you rid yourself of the misery of insomnia.