Saturday, February 18, 2012

Walking Is A Great Way To Lose Weight by George Hutton

If you are overweight, and you likely are if you are reading this article, then you likely have thought about all the different ways you can exercise and go on a diet to lose weight. Of course, none of these are particularly easy, but the fact remains that some are easier than others. And some are much cheaper than others. It would be of great benefit if we could identify an easy, cheap way to exercise to lose weight.

Well, you're in luck. Simple walking, putting one foot in front of the other, is one of the oldest, most recognized forms of weight loss. No, it's not the quickest, and if you are trying for Mr. or Mrs. Olympia, then you may need to add in some extra exercises, but for most of us, walking is a great way to not only slowly and steadily lose weight on a consistent basis, but also to keep it off as well.

Many reasons exist as to why walking is the most superior form of exercise to lose weight there is. Naturally, you don't need any special equipment or clothes, probably the shoes you are wearing right now are perfectly fine. Even then, you needn't worry about anything. Recent studies of anatomy have shown that high tech running shoes, a boom since the mid seventies, may not be so good after all. Some will even argue that going barefoot is the best and most natural way. Of course, you want to protect your feet from glass and rusty nails, but you certainly don't need to shell out hundreds of dollars for the latest basketball shoes.

Another great thing about walking to lose weight is that you can do it anywhere you want. Inside, outside, at the gym on the treadmill, down at your local park. Near where you work, there are likely some places to walk on your lunch break. This is so great because nearly everybody can do it. Walking during your lunch break at work is quickly becoming one of the most favorite pastimes around.

Lots of people feel the need to have a workout partner, in order to keep them psyched up and motivated. But when you decide to walk to lose weight, you can bring along an inexpensive MP3 player to listen to whatever you want to keep you motivated. Even an inexpensive transistor radio can be used, as several people use them in my own neighborhood. Many people have found walking a great time to listen to books on tape, or other enriching audio programs.

No matter how much weight you'd like to lose, walking on a regular basis will help you get there. Walking will help you stay motivated, stay healthy and feel good about yourself. Why not get started today?