Saturday, February 18, 2012

Cure Insomnia Naturally – Top Tips For Controlling Your Caffeine Intake... by Peter Kirwan

The food and beverage that you consume can be a major contributing factor to the miserable and very frustrating condition of insomnia. To be able to speedily cure insomnia naturally, correcting bad dietary habits has to form part of a brain re-training effort.

It's already well known that caffeine containing foods and beverages are at the top of the list of those that keep a person from large amounts of healthy, rejuvenating sleep.

It's probably worth mentioning at this point that it's not all bad-press for caffeine - in the right amounts and at the right time, it can have certain mind uplifting, anti-oxidizing properties which can play a positive role for our good health. That is of course, so long as you don't have some allergic or other unhealthy negative reaction to caffeine.

It's just quite simply a matter of understanding your own tolerance level of caffeine and your subsequent control of how much and when you consume it;

Knowing the foods containing caffeine

There are plenty. Take the time (a few seconds) to read the labels of everything you purchase - you may be surprised or even horrified at how many foods these days contain large sleep-stealing amounts of caffeine. There are energy drinks as well as your usual coffees, colas and teas.

• As an alternative late-night beverage, try caffeine-free herbal teas etc.

Understanding when to have your caffeine kick

The energizing, often jittery effects of caffeine will generally disappear after a period of one to six hours - depending on a persons sensitivity (we're all different). It's surely only common-sense that you'd therefore keep your caffeine intake for the first half of the day.

Understanding the amount of caffeine you can tolerate

Only you can know what amount of caffeine you can comfortably tolerate.

So as a summary, a couple of daily no-effect cups for some would be a complete no-no for others - everyone has a different level of caffeine tolerance!