Saturday, February 18, 2012

Eliminate Insomnia Fast - 3 Tips To Getting That Important Sleep You Need... by Peter Kirwan

Of all the sleep affecting disorders around today, insomnia is likely the most common.

Most often, it's a combination of all the various known causes of this misery making condition that severely impairs the real human need of a night of uninterrupted sleep.

To help you eliminate insomnia fast and effectively, here are 3 tips for those of you who are eager to know a few basics;

1. Remove any obstacle preventing you getting your sleep

• Stress – work/personal relationships, debt, unemployment etc. You sincerely need to resolve/eliminate or cope better with the cause of your stress.

• A Bad diet – excessive sugar and caffeine intake is just a small example of this common modern day problem.

• Do physical exercise – the lack of even a minor form of gentle exercise is a major contributor to insomnia and associated negative conditions.

2. Adopt sleep-friendly habits – practice good "Sleep Hygiene"

• Take a long hot bath.

• Read an entertaining take-you-away-from-it-all book.

• Take up some gentle yoga-type breathing exercises.

• Don’t eat sugar loaded snacks or drink sugar/caffeine loaded drinks right before you go to bed.

3. Re-train your brain to fall into the deep sleep your body and mind needs

• Before insomnia set in, you had no trouble falling into a deep, satisfying sleep – you’ll definitely need to re-train those quirky brainwave patterns back into shape to make sure you get that full night of sleep.

In summary; these tips and the lists within each tip can be expanded much further and there are likely to be some points here that for some of you, may seem a lot easier said than done. There are many thousands of people that have suffered with this condition for many years and many thousands more still will – but don't despair, there is hope, because there are also many thousands of people who have eliminated insomnia from their lives, permanently!