Saturday, February 18, 2012

Cure Insomnia Naturally - How To Deal With These 7 Sleep Killers… by Peter Kirwan

There are of course, a wide range of causes for sleeplessness that affects tens of thousands of people in our modern world.

One of the worst and most frustrating causes is the condition known as Insomnia.

Having lived many years as a sufferer of insomnia, before finding out how to cure insomnia naturally without the aid of insomnia worsening drugs, i along with many others, found out that a person could go just about completely loony with the boredom and frustration of being awake longer than everybody else on the planet - all the way up to 24 hours at times.

This ensures that a fuzzy-headed zombie-like condition stays with an insomniac throughout the day while all those around him or her simply zip through their day with all the irritating wide-eyed energy that only someone who has had a good night of sleep can manage.

This is truly a misery causing condition. The destructive, prematurely ageing refusal of the mind to shut down and allow you that body and mind rejuvenating sleep-the-whole-night through kind of sleep can be caused by varying factors such as; stress, unhealthy diet, lack of decent exercise and habitual bedtime routines (known often as "sleep hygiene").

Insomnia is a subject that could ensure this article goes on and on – there is a huge array of detail regarding symptoms, cures, reasons and types for this particular disorder. If however, you were to answer the following questions correctly and follow up with the correct actions, you should see dramatic improvement with your negative sleeping pattern;

1. What do you do if you don’t fall asleep straight away, or wake during the night and can’t fall asleep again?

2. You’ve recently been sleeping badly – How do you feel when bedtime comes?

3. What do you think about while you’re lying there, waiting for sleep?

4. What’s your activity level like while suffering from sleep deprivation?

5. How exactly do you prepare for the night?

6. How do you compensate for not sleeping the previous night?

7. How do you rate your chances for consistent, easy sleep in the future?

On top of all the already described problems, the answers to these 7 questions are usually where an insomniac goes wrong – simply put, wrong answers make for wrong actions.