Saturday, February 18, 2012

Dealing With Insomnia Naturally - How To Tell Which Type You Have... by Peter Kirwan

Insomnia; characterized by the difficulty of falling or staying asleep is a miserable condition that affects many thousands of people all over the globe. Your typical symptoms would usually include;

you're slow to fall asleep or totally unable to fall asleep

You'll be waking often throughout the night

you'll be waking during the night and then not being able to fall back to sleep

you'll be waking too early in the morning

you'll experience the feeling of extreme tiredness after waking

Apart from all the other causes of insomnia like stress, depression, poor diet, the need for some gentle brain re-training and a few habitual bedtime habits etc, having an idea of the insomnia type from which you may be suffering can only help you with the way forward to dealing with insomnia naturally and effectively.

Primary Insomnia

Generally known as sleeplessness not directly related to any medical, psychiatric or environmental condition such as drug use or abuse - it can usually be attributed to a prolonged period of stress or anxiety.

Secondary Insomnia

Differs from primary insomnia because a definite cause can usually be identified, such as a physical/psychiatric health problem, like the use of prescribed medication or substance abuse - alcohol or drugs or even pain from an illness etc.

Acute/Chronic Insomnia

Defined as short-term insomnia, acute insomnia is generally known to last for a period of just one night up to a few weeks.

Chronic insomnia is generally accepted as a sleep disorder lasting for at least three nights a week for a period of at least one full month and is known as long-term insomnia.

To summarize; the need to re-train your brain and your way of thinking, along with a knowledge of the type of insomnia that you may be suffering with – and why you're suffering with it, is a critical part of ensuring you are armed with the neccessary weapons to be able to rid yourself of the misery of insomnia.