Saturday, February 18, 2012

Cure Insomnia Naturally – 12 Night Time Snacks & Meals To Help You Sleep... by Peter Kirwan

The food you consume is one of the many contributors to the condition of insomnia and fixing a poor diet should be treated as a serious part of the brain re-training regime you need to carry out if you want to effectively cure insomnia naturally.

Tryptophan (TRIP-TOE-FAN) containing foods need to form a major part of your diet - tryptophan being the amino acid that builds mind and body relaxing neurotransmitters such as melatonin and serotonin.

Because of the carbohydrate/tryptophan sleep inducing relationship, an evening meal, not too large or spicy and consumed at least 3 hours before bedtime, is ideally comprised of a reasonable sized portion of carbohydrate with just a small portion of protein. If you're so inclined, then a (light) late night snack should be eaten at least one hour before bed.

Check out this small list of ideas for evening tyrptophan-filled snacks and meals that'll help grab that much needed sleep-filled night;

1. Rice pudding; Baked and sweetened with raisins or some other dry berry

2. Whole grain cereal with milk; Unsweetened

3. Hazelnuts

4. Peanut Butter sandwich

5. Pasta with Parmesan

6. Scrambled egg with slice of toast

7. Seafood and pasta

8. Cottage Cheese

9. Meats or poultry with vegetables or salad

10. Tuna salad sandwich

11. Hummus with a pita bread

12. Chili with beans and rice; not too spicy

Remember this; lighter, leaner, non-spicy meals or snacks are more beneficial - especially for those particularly prone to acid reflux etc. The larger, high fat and chili-hot meals will make your digestive system work overtime, meaning more gas production and rumblings that’ll likely only keep you (and probably your partner) awake.

So in summary; along with stress, lack of healthy exercise, the need for the re-training of your brain and poor bedtime routines, a poor diet is one of the many collective causes of insomnia and needs to be treated very seriously along with every other contributing factor.