Wednesday, February 22, 2012

How to Avoid Needing Dental Implants by Kathryn Dawson

Dental implants are an effective way dentists can restore missing teeth or teeth that are loose. The way the implants work is by implanting a titanium root into the gum and allowing it time to fuse with the bone in the mouth as if it were totally natural. This can take up to 6 months. Titanium is rarely rejected by the body which is why this material is used, and once it is solid a prosthetic tooth can be inserted or screwed into place. The tooth is created to match the others in the mouth making it very natural looking. No one who didn't know the tooth was artificial would be able to tell the difference.

This procedure is not the only way to fill in a gap in the mouth. You can also have removable dentures, however often people are not so keen to have these. It is also possible to have a fixed bridge, but because some of the enamel has to be worn away on the neighbouring teeth to have this done, it is also not as popular as dental implants. The trick with keeping all your teeth and having to avoid any type of surgery or implants is to look after your teeth properly. There is not too much you have to do, but like most things in life consistency is the key. This article provides the ways you need to look after your teeth in order to avoid having any serious work done, including dental implants.

Brush your teeth

This is a pretty obvious one, but still worth mentioning because sometimes people only brush their teeth in a half hearted way. Teeth should be brushed every morning and every evening. You shouldn't scrub away at them either, because this can wear away the enamel and the brush should be replaced every 3 months, maximum. When you are cleaning make sure you reach every single tooth in both the upper and lower part of the mouth. Repeatedly missing a tooth can stain it initially and create cavities too.

Use Mouthwash

Mouthwash is often used after you have cleaned your teeth for a final rinse. This is worthwhile, but it can also be a good idea to have an initial rinse too. Sometimes brushing can rub food into the tiny crevices of the teeth so having a very quick rinse to get rid of little bits of food that may be lurking can prevent it from getting mashed in. Just half a cap before and half a cup after in the morning and evening can ensure your teeth stay perfect for longer.

Avoid sugar

Unfortunately nothing rots teeth quicker than sugary food and drinks. Sugary drinks are the worst because they tend to be consumed throughout the day so your teeth never get a chance to recover from the onslaught. Eating a sugary chocolate bar all in one go is better for your teeth than slowly sipping away at a sugar filled drink. Try and avoid as much sugar as possible and be aware that even drinks like orange juice and other "healthy drinks" can be full of sugar too.

Don't Smoke

Smoking can cause your teeth damage because it can wear aware the bone and make the teeth become loose. This is often a cause of losing teeth in adults and can be why dental implants are needed. Ensuring good overall health by not smoking, avoiding excess alcohol and getting plenty of fruits and vegetables in your diet can help you keep good, strong teeth for longer.

If you want to avoid having dental implants and tooth whitening later on in life then the advice above should be followed. It is always possible to improve your smile if you want to go one step further with professional teeth whitening - this will make them dazzle!