Wednesday, February 22, 2012

US Generic Drug Market to Grow at 10% CAGR by Shushmul Maheshwari

Sales of generics drugs in the US has witnessed a significant surge during the last few years on the back of several factors like, government support, expiring patents of blockbuster drugs, and shift in consumer behavior. On the back of these factors, our research report “Booming US Generic Drug Market” says that the US generics drug market will grow at a CAGR of around 10% during 2010-2013. Anticipating the future growth, big pharma players are forming deals with some generics manufactures from the Asian countries, like India, to access their products and market them in the US.

We believe that the political environment has played an important role in the emergence of the generics industry in the country. The US government has promoted the generics sector very well to lower its healthcare cost. Resultantly, the number of generic products launched in the market has considerably increased, turning the generics industry into one of the fastest growing industry segments. In this regard, our research report provides a detail study on the regulatory environment.

Although several challenges such as, price erosion and litigations from branded manufacturers may hamper growth, overall growth prospects of the market remains good. In key therapy areas, highest demand exists in the psychotic segment as most of the drugs of this segment are patented. Thus, bright opportunities exist for generics players to tap this demand by developing and launching generics version of patented drugs. We have analyzed key therapies segments of generics market in our report.

Our study shows that competition in the US market has got intense during the last few years and generic sector has witnessed huge investments by some private sector players. Our research report provides information on key players along with their SWOT analysis. The report also discusses emerging trends like, injectable generics, anti-counterfeit coalition etc. Thus, our report provides valuable information to the pharmaceutical & generics companies and investors planning to enter this market.

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